I always enjoy listening to Andy speak. He has such wonderful informative interviews.

Dr. Andy Cutler: The Reality of Mercury Poisoning-Part 1

Dr. Andy Cutler: The Reality of Mercury Poisoning-Part 2

-Key points from these interviews:

  • Pregnant women should not eat fish because of the mercury, but the CDC says they should get mercury containing flu vaccines? (25mcg of thimerosal)
  • Children over age 8 can receive adult vaccine formulations which are not thimerosal-free and you won’t be told.
  • Birth Hep B vaccines make no logical sense for the majority of infants considering how Hep B is contracted.
  • Mercury is not just in some vaccines, it’s in fish, coal-fired power plants, CFL bulbs, dental mercury amalgam…..
  • Some people are just so much more sensitive to mercury than others.
  • If you’re child reacts badly to a vaccine, don’t give more….you’ve already proven your child is sensitive to them.
  • Dental mercury amalgam is toxic even if you think you’re not sick from them. Get them removed safely using a specially trained dentist.
  • Don’t chelate mercury unless you learn how to do so safely, using the frequent dose protocol (and you do not have mercury dental amalgam in your teeth).
  • Adult booster vaccines are not mercury free. (Td, Tdap, etc) Neither are the flu vaccines. Most also contain aluminum which is a further neurotoxin.

We should stop calling autism, autism. It’s mercury poisoning……

Side note: Andy…..Thank you….my family is truly indebted to you for all your work. My son would not have come as far as he has without you.