We are plugging away with the goal of a round every other week which seems to be what my adrenals can tolerate in terms of losing sleep. I don’t generally have adrenal symptoms from rounds but I just get pretty run down by day 3 from waking up every couple of hours at night and that is the primary problem. I don’t do well on 3 and 4 hour sleep increments.

I decided that this round we would raise my son’s dose. We have not really seen much from chelation in a long time. He does very well on rounds but we don’t notice any symptoms either way really, which means it’s time to try an increase in dose. Plus he’s grown by leaps and bounds this past year so according to his weight we can raise.

He’s been at 50mg for a long time, so we increased it to 60mg if ALA. Our main challenge is administering these higher doses since he is still not able to swallow capsules.

It was a bit tricky making more chelator powder fit into his peanut butter cups but  since we use gel caps for vitamin A, E and D I just used a few drops from one of those to make the peanut butter less dry. I incorporate the essential 4 plus whatever else my son needs on rounds into his peanut butter cup chelator doses anyway. (this includes: vitamin C, magnesium, milk thistle, E, zinc, GSE, ACE etc. Not all at the same time of course but each chelator dose will have one or two of these things in it so he reaches the daily doses he needs)

He seemed to be a bit off his first two days at this dose. He complained that he felt like he had brain fog and didn’t feel well over all. He really could not concentrate at all on school work either. I increased his vitamin C and magnesium doses which helped somewhat but over all he really didn’t seem to do as well.

Here we are post round day one and he is sleeping in super late today. Since entering his teen years he sleeps a lot more now (which is normal) but he also recalled waking up for a few of his night doses on night 2 which has tired him out. He has requested to return to his previous dose because he felt so off on this increase.

So I think we will go back to 50mg for now and see if I can figure how to make that more comfortable for him next time I try the increase. (We are getting his labs back next week which might help)

What this does tell me is he’s still got mercury (which we knew from the hair test) and chelation is still working, even at 50mg. It’s just doing it more comfortably at 50mg than it does at 60mg.