This round for some reason is entirely different from the last one. That happens sometimes. He’s doing ok so far at his 50mg of ALA. We did run into a peanut butter cup supply problem so some of his doses I’ve been mixing into a 1/4 teaspoon of peanut butter and spreading onto one gluten-free cheddar cracker. (love those Glutino people for making things our picky kids will eat!)

Day one started off rough only because he woke up for his 6am dose. He normally sleeps through it and will get up a little later thus I get an extra hour or two of sleep too. My adrenals simply don’t clock in at 6am so being up that early is very difficult for me. I do it but I feel a bit sick so it isn’t ideal if he wants to be up that early. I managed by passing out twice that day for about 10 minutes each….oops!

I did feel pretty cruddy my first day on round which is unusual for me. I normally have no symptoms…so guess what, I still have mercury. (no surprise there) I was a bit queasy, brain fogged, blurry vision and just ick. Jacking up my vitamin C helped.

Day two was a bit better. I recall cringing at the 4am alarm and scrambling to the kitchen to get the doses. Our next dose was at 8am and for some reason waking at 8am felt worse than 4am. He seems to be fine and he did sleep through both of those doses thankfully. Maybe a bit tired but it’s hard to tell because he’s just always a bit tired lately. (see my last post for why)

I really had hoped this would be one of those “feel splendid” rounds but I even felt a bit dizzy and light-headed yesterday. I also have blurry vision for part of the round. Not truly blurry because I can still see but it just my eyes felt off, like they do when my thyroid dose is too low. So strange the things mercury does on its way out.

We completed the round and post round was uneventful which is fairly typical at this stage.