We got the allergy testing back yesterday and it’s good and bad all in the same sentence. While there were not high allergies to lots of foods which would imply leaky gut, there is a significant allergy to eggs. I can’t say I’m surprised really because egg allergies are fairly common and often missed.

He is also allergic to spelt, gluten and wheat which I sort of already figured out based on his symptoms when he ate it, and when he didn’t eat it. He is slightly sensitive to whey also. He does not drink milk but milk is added to many products.

So basically we will avoid whey/milk for 3 months, gluten/wheat/spelt for 6 months and eggs for 9 months. Time will tell if the egg allergy is related to the sensory problem which is what is suspected.  Eggs are the one food we have not removed from his diet in the past. The common consensus online is gluten and dairy are related to problems for children on the spectrum. However, it can be any food really and it’s often very hard to guess without doing some sort of testing.

I found this applies to NT children also. My NT adult child had a lot of skin issues that were not resolving on a gluten-free, dairy free diet. It turned out her high allergens were eggs, sorghum and yeast extract. Removing these has actually been very helpful in her case.

Sample Food Allergy Report
Sample Food Allergy Report

So we begin dietary modifications and see what transpires. Removing a high allergen reduces inflammation and stress on the adrenal glands which can lead to improvements in health and functioning. So we will see what happens in the coming months!

** UPDATED INFORMATION: There seems to be a lot of controversy over the validity of ELISA IgG food testing and whether or not it even indicates an intolerance or allergy at all. I wrote a new post about this issue here. In light of this recent information I would not recommend this testing.