Chelation Progress Summary

A common question I receive is “how was your son when you started this and how is he now?” I realize it would take someone quite a bit of time to start reading my posts from the beginning all the way to current to see this picture. So I have decided to show you a list of his original symptoms and cross out the ones we don’t have anymore.

We have to date completed 189 rounds for him.

His original symptoms:

  • toe walking all the time
  • rocking on fours
  • jumping all the time, hopping instead of walking
  • constant movement,
  • flapping, spinning
  • stimming to loud noises
  • banging on floors, walls etc
  • kicking legs and things constantly to make noise
  • fearful of loud noises
  • fear of people, no one but his own family could talk to or look at him
  • covering ears because of noise
  • clinging to me with fear in normal situations, like visitors to the home
  • would not wear clothing at all, only a diaper
  • eventually wore some clothing but tore it all off while at home
  • screaming with hair washing or combing (still dislikes hair washing but he tolerates it)
  • no hair cuts, lots of screaming
  • would not wear bandages, screamed in terror if you tried to put one on a cut
  • refusing any medicine by mouth, would gag, scream and throw up
  • refused paints, play dough or any messy play
  • fussed excessively if his hands were dirty or sticky
  • gagging if he touched certain things like playdough
  • fear of the toilet
  • toileting accidents
  • receptive language delay, didn’t understand you
  • not responding to his name
  • super hyperactive
  • lost eye contact, side ways glancing
  • self-limiting diet, ate 3 foods, everything else made him gag
  • constipation alternating with diarrhea
  • rigid, melt down if there were any changes in plans, driving different routes, unexpected guests
  • face blindness, didn’t see facial expressions of visual cues
  • lack of humor and apathy, didn’t notice people crying etc.
  • easily over stimulated in busy places
  • no impulse control at all
  • still mouthing objects at age 3 (he likes gum and does like to chew his pens)
  • no interest in playing with other kids. (this is so not him now!)
  • no pretend play
  • lining up toys by size and shape
  • spinning wheels or round objects
  • repeating words over and over again
  • watching the same video over and over for days, weeks, months
  • obsessed with heat runs, light switches, opening and closing doors etc
  • poor fine motor, in ability to print, draw, color, use scissors, feed self
  • trouble following verbal commands or finding objects in a room base on verbal command. If you send him to get something, he didn’t come back.
  • echolalia (this one took a while but it’s gone)
  • headbanging
  • biting
  • scratching
  • hitting
  • withdrawn and difficult to engage
  • did not want to be held, hugged or touched

Looking back at this list…It makes me both sad and happy. Sad that this was where he was back then. Those days were very hard on all of us. So happy that all of these things are gone. This is nothing like my son today. People always ask me if it was worth it getting up at night and doing all these rounds? Yes, it truly was worth and is still worth it.


5 thoughts on “Chelation Progress Summary

  1. Hi Jan, Thank you for sharing! It gives lots of HOPE to us. We have a question regarding Speech and Language, how was it before and after so many rounds? Apart from ACC, did you do anything to improve in the area of Speech and language? Thanks!

    • Our issues with language delays might not reflect what others might be dealing with. My child had a receptive language delay, auditory processing delay, echolalia, and a lot of trouble understanding what people were saying. He wasn’t classified non-verbal at any point because he did develop speech, it was just odd speech. He garbled his own language as a toddler or he would point and grunt at things he wanted, but he did have some words for objects. He did go on to develop more speech and phrases etc.

      We began treating him at age 3 1/2 and by then he was speaking a lot but still displayed echolalia and trouble understanding people. We started his chelation at that age and things began improving. He did have some speech therapy in school. They did worked on understanding speech, phrases, idioms and social language with him. He took everything he heard literally at this point.

      He was dismissed from all speech therapy by age 9 because all his testing showed no delays. It is hard to give a specific number of rounds but I’d have to say things were markedly better by 50-70 rounds. Completely gone by 100 rounds. Today he has no speech or language issues. Echolalia was the last thing to go for him and I haven’t seen that in several years. It’s like without us realizing it, it just went away and one day we realized “hey he isn’t repeating things anymore”.

      If you have a non-verbal or minimally verbal child and you do several months of chelation and try MB12 without any gains in this area you would want to rule out abnormal electrical activity/seizure disorder in the brain with a 24 hour EEG test. Get a copy of the report after it’s completed to make sure nothing abnormal was detected. Some children on the spectrum have abnormal electrical activity that isn’t a pronounced seizure disorder but does interfere with speech until it’s treated. You also want to rule out tongue tie or other oral motor issues with a speech or occupational therapist.

      • Thanks so much Jan! It’s very helpful. Our son is minimally verbal now (he was completely non-verbal with tons of behavior issues and self-injurious few years ago). Most of his symptoms were/are similar to your list above.

        We are seeing improvement in some of his behaviors and a little progress in Speech with chelation. We’ll continue it for a while and look into other options as you mentioned above. Can you please share which form of MB12 is effective (Oral, shots or transdermal)? Any particular product would you recommend? We also read in the past about how MB12/B12 feed bad bacteria in the gut? Is this true? Anything would you recommend for gut healing?

      • I’m glad to hear you are seeing improvements. That’s wonderful! We use oral sublingual MB12, methylfolate
        and P5P. Andy Cutler’s posts reflect that oral is effective and shots are not necessary. We never tried transdermal
        and I’m not sure how effective that is, you’d have to look. I really like this product to meet my son’s methyl B vitamin needs: Cherry MB12 Methylfolate There are not a lot of chewable options for methy B’s but these are working for us. I am not aware that MB12 would feed bad bacteria in the gut. That seems contrary considering how important methylation is for the body. Perhaps the confusion comes from the yeast derived B vitamins also on the market which would feed yeast in the gut in some people. Diets like GAPS help with gut healing. We’ve found you have to eliminate all the allergens for a period of time and then treat the gut for yeast, bacteria and parasites. (not at the same time, one at a time) This usually leads to gut healing but it does take time.

  2. Thank you for this blog. We have just started chelation, round 2 on my 4.4 year old. He has had a lot of vaccines and we know he needs chelation. I can not wait to cross out all the symptoms like you have above. I can not wait for him to talk to me.

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