Round 190, re-trying DMSA again

We had done 170 rounds with DMSA/ALA before we discontinued DMSA.  At that point we had to use ALA only because we found low absolute neutrophils (neutropenia) on a routine blood test. Neutropenia is sort of the “don’t use this or take a break” marker for DMSA.

So we continued to chelate with ALA only until this last round, number 190. I decided to try a very low dose of DMSA based on the recommendations that it’s ok even for kids with “low neuts” as long as you keep the dose at 5mg and only for one round a month.

His labs in November were in range but the low-end of the range. Here we are now March, so I figured they were probably better by now. The doctor through he was getting over a virus at the time of the labs based on neutrophils and lymphocyte levels.

Plus we were scheduled to have lab work done next week anyway so that gave us the prefect opportunity to re-check his absolute neutrophil levels and make sure they didn’t drop any lower. If they do, I won’t be using DMSA for a while.

He has been reporting an increase in sensory symptoms on rounds, and this round didn’t disappoint! A bit more oral sensory, brain fog and reporting he felt tired. Other than that, nothing else to say about it. No gains, no set backs. Now we gear up for those labs next week!



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