Last night while I’m working on my computer helping those out there in the online autism realm, my son comes into the living room. He says “Mom I have something to tell you”.  I look up and think he’s going to ask me for another snack even though it’s well past bedtime, so I ask. “What?”  He says “I’m not sure which vitamin you’re giving me but my eyes are working better”. I ask him to clarify what he means by that. “You can ‘see’ better?”.

He says “No, I see the same as before but when I read I can focus on it now and I get those imaginary pictures like you said. Before I couldn’t focus long enough to read for a few seconds and no pictures. Now it’s working!”

I tell him how happy I am for him! It’s been a long-standing problem that’s really kept him from reading much. He was so excited to be able to read the chapter books he checked out of the library.

He asks me “Which vitamin you’re giving me made this happen and can I double the dose?”  My response, “well let me see which one it is first and the we will talk about that”.

Here it is midnight, I’m exhausted and finishing up posts on Facebook holding back my tears of joy. Finally, something so incidental most people take it for granted…having the focus to read….has happened.

We were not able to get him on DHA because of the nausea it causes, so I spent some time wracking my brain on what else I could give him that also came in a chewable for focus/memory and improved brain function. The key being chewable…I already had a bottle of phosphatidylcholine but when I squeezed the gel out of them, it has a horrible taste. I couldn’t hide it in peanut butter..I tried.

I found Citicholine chewables…that’s what he’s been on that’s different from the regular supplements he normally takes. We are only half way through the first bottle and I’d say it was worth the $28 a bottle to see how happy he was that he can read more easily now.

It’s a small gain perhaps but I’ll take any improvements at this stage of the game.