My kid turns out to have two copies of C667T!  Once we got his testing back we began methylfolate and P5P. He is already on methylcobalmin. We’d been using that for about a year and it is helpful. Initially he complained that after he took his Methylfolate/P5P supplement it made him have to pee. I haven’t heard this complaint in a while so I think that stopped.

Things were plugging along fine for months and then one day I began to notice he was very irritable.  He’s just not himself at all. He’s been very argumentative and doesn’t want to do anything. Even things he normally likes. He was obviously feeling bad and I couldn’t figure out why.

It dawned me on two days ago…what about the methylation supplements?!?!?

I did not respond well to methylfolate but he seemed just fine when we started it. I assumed we were go to continue giving it to him. That was some 9 months ago. What if “what’s good then isn’t good now?” What if he had built up his levels and didn’t need it now?

I began searching the web and found an article by Ben Lynch describing the problems some people have with methylfolate. He mentions that someone could do well initially and then it can all fall apart later on when they don’t need as much.

I stopped giving his morning 800 mcg methyfolate supplement. Guess what? He is back to himself!!

He is still taking his MB12 because he tolerates this well.

His blood work has slowly improved showing he is not B12 anemic anymore.  He doesn’t need as much folate now and as Ben Lynch recommends it might not need to be given every day.