We finished round 199. It was delayed longer than originally scheduled due to an injury, that put me out of commission. No worries, I’m ok now.

My son’s only reported symptom this round was that he felt tired. I duly agree I had the same issue but I can’t really say it was the round. We have both been more tired than usual.  In my case, it’s probably iron again. In his, he’s probably entering another growth spurt! I gave extra vitamin C and magnesium since you can always use more than the protocol suggests and sometimes it helps. (extra adrenal cortex glandular too if you use that)

We still do the peanut butter cup method for night time doses since he sleeps right through these. Yes, he can chew and drink water and not wake up. Amazing what you can acclimate to with practice! During the day though, I am mixing chelator into peanut butter and giving that spread on a cracker. (we don’t premix doses doing this, and you can’t premix dmsa at all if you use that).

My plan is  to get round 200 in before the end of December. We will continue rounds but are going to retest his hair 3 months after reaching the 200th round. It’s primarily for my own curiosity.  I need to know if he still meets counting rules.