We have finally reached 200 rounds and it’s a day that is long overdue in our case.  Chelation has taken longer for us than it should have because I am chelating myself too.  I have not had help with night dosings and it’s double duty to work on your health and your kid at the same time. We had planned to get this round done in January but something always came up, either a cold, or I was just really exhausted.

Now that my son is 15 getting rounds in has become a bit more complex. For one, he doesn’t want to do them anymore and I can’t blame him. Secondly he isn’t sleeping through the night doses like he used to do. So that’s been problematic but we press on.  It’s also why I suggest parents starting out with young children really focus on getting in as many rounds as you can before they reach teen years.

Round symptoms this time:

  • nausea: his adrenals are bad, so this happens off rounds too but it meant he needed more ACE
  • fatigue: he isn’t sleeping through some of the night doses anymore.
  • headaches: he needed more magnesium and vitamin C

Something we always tend to forget as parents is to reevaluate their supplement doses as they grow.  Mine has grown a lot in the past years and he wasn’t taking enough vitamin C so we raised it.   Once I adjusted supplements the rest of the round was better for him. He was still tired but honestly that’s a norm for him these days with the teen hours he keeps.

He used to sleep soundly through the doses but puberty has done a number on his adrenals and thyroid.

We are working on his adrenal function but it’s a difficult task with balancing thyroid and we’ve had problems raising his doses so I need to wait for labs to see what is going on.

This many years into things I don’t have the stellar gains to report anymore because he’s already gained them. What we are doing now is getting rid of what’s left of the mercury and seeing what improves from that.

I will be patiently and by that I mean on the edge of my seat waiting to send in his hair test in April to see what is going on. Do we still meet rules? For the love of all that is holy could we not meet them this time?  Did all that MTHFR stuff do anything to get more metals out?

Based on his headache though….I’m betting mercury is still in there.  I’m not giving up.