We got the hair test results back this year. I waited until we had reached 3 months past the 200th round before taking the hair sample. I wanted to get a clear picture of where we are after 200 rounds. I noticed some interesting things about methylation support as a result of having implemented it only last year which was after the 2017 hair test and before this one.

Well… on a bad note..we still meet counting rules. Lots of things in the red zone still. Bummer but I sort of expected that.

On a good note, the lead is finally normal!

We did see an increase in arsenic and silver which is ironic because we have only been doing ALA rounds. Last year we barely got one round per month done on ALA only. The primary changes we did make were the addition of methylation support. (Methylfolate, P5P, and more methylcobalmin) I had read in the work of Ben Lynch that addressing methylation helps the body get rid of arsenic.  I’m not a scientist but my child’s arsenic on this test did indicate an increase in excretion that is not explained by a few ALA only rounds. The silver excretion is also not explained at all by a few ALA only rounds since ALA does not chelate silver. Hmm? It could plausibly be explained because the test meets counting rules still and that alone could make some metals appear higher in the hair than they are in the body. So maybe, it’s nothing.

Based on those speculations we plan to continue methylation support since it can’t hurt and it can only help in overall health anyway.

Unfortunately we have more chelation to do and I plan to institute some DMPS rounds so we can do longer mercury pulls with ALA rounds tossed in. I wasn’t sure that DMPS would do much at this stage until I talked to another parent who is as far along as we are. They had added it in on a whim. Surprisingly it was very helpful.  You would think you wouldn’t have much body stores of mercury left by 200 rounds but apparently it can still be helpful. We don’t eat fish, get vaccines or have amalgams, but who can avoid coal-fired power plants? No one. You should avoid the sources of mercury you can control but not one can avoid environmental exposures entirely.  Not to mention the DMPS could help remove what the ALA brings out of the brain which might also be why it’s helped.

My thinking is starting a DMPS/ALA round and once we reach 65 hours go to DMPS only for the rest of the week. Take a week off. Do it again. This would allow us two long mercury pulls per month and I might survive the night wakings. That’s my theory at least. We will see how it goes.

You can view the newest hair test results here.

*As of April 2018: ATEC is down to 2 now! It had been 0 for several years, went up to 19 in July 2017 at the height of puberty.