The one year anniversary of Andy’s death is upon us. It’s been a very long and trying year for many of us that knew him as we learned to carry on without him. Not a day went by that I didn’t think “I’ll just ask Andy” and then realized, I could not.  Thankfully he left us so many written records of his thoughts and opinions.

I had always dreamed of the day I would be able to finally show Andy my son’s normal hair test and share our joy of him of finishing chelation. It will not come to pass that I will be able to share those things with him.

It does not mean I quit. I does not mean I give up. Andy would never have wanted any of us do any such thing. I can still hear him doling out firm words to get on with it and complete chelation. We’ve been on a break and with this anniversary upon us…it’s a reminder. I need to listen to him.

Aside from chelating our kids or ourselves, he would want us to continue his fight to help others.

Andy worked tirelessly for years helping anyone and everyone that came his direction wanting help. He never asked for anything in return. Andy was not afraid to speak the truth. He was not afraid of judgement or ridicule when people thought he was a mad hatter. He didn’t care. It was about getting people better, getting children better.

There are so many lessons we can all learn from Andy….I know I have learned many and hopefully these things have been instilled in others and they will to go forward.  I leave with you my tribute written upon his passing last year.

Wherever you are Andy….we truly miss you. Your gifts to this world are eternal.

My Tribute to Andy Cutler