We had been on an unplanned chelation break but it’s time to get back to business so we started round 201 this morning. (141 for me)

We intended to resume chelation in May, then it was June but we had some setbacks with supplement compliance and we had to restart thyroid medication all over again. This time I decided to raise it per the instructions in the Stop the Thyroid Madness book, instead of following the previous recommendations we had been given.  I found that with the doctor holding his doses low for too long, we were not able to increase when needed without significant adrenal stress. So this time, we re-started at 1 grain. We waited 2 weeks then added a half grain. I waited another 2 weeks and added the final half grain. Now we wait 6 weeks and get labs. I can’t help but notice he had absolutely NO problems with the dosing increases this way. He had a lot of symptoms when he had been kept at 1/4 grain for months.

I restarted the following supplements in the past few weeks:

  • adrenal cortex glandular
  • thyroid medication
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin C
  • zinc
  • magnesium
  • vitamin E

Now that he is on the things needed for chelation plus a few others he needs it was time to get back the business of dealing with mercury. As you might recall from my previous post he still meets counting rules.

This time we are introducing DMPS for the first time to see if it can help us remove more mercury than ALA alone. I was not sure if this would be beneficial this far into chelation because blood levels are usually not the problem anymore.  I talked to another mom whose son has done this many rounds too and they tossed in DMPS on a whim and found her child did show improvements. So if nothing else maybe the round will be smoother. We will see.

This is his current dose. I resumed his previous dose of ALA since I know he did OK with it.

  • 12.5mg DMPS and 75mg of ALA
  • Doses every 3 hours during the day with 2 four hour night doses
  • Started 6am Tuesday, ending 11pm Thursday= total of 65 hours.
  • DMPS is given with ever other ALA dose because it lasts 6 hours.

I decided to also try the DMPS but my doses are higher than his. I haven’t had really any issues with 200mg of ALA so I felt comfortable trying 25mg of DMPS just to see what transpires.

I was very surprised at the response we had to adding in DMPS. My son seemed to do well on this combination aside from being a bit tired from waking up at night. He doesn’t sleep that well as it is and he didn’t sleep through the night doses this time.  However, he didn’t really have any negative symptoms on the round. I think his disposition was a bit more positive on the round too.

My own round was confirmatory for me that I still have some mercury. I didn’t feel that great the first day. I had a slight headache and my stomach felt off. I didn’t want to eat really. The rest of the round went much better and finished without any issues.

I plan to do more DMPS/ALA rounds providing they continue to go well and see if that gives us a boost at reducing his mercury load faster.