We have had problems giving methylated B’s to my son. We were on methylfolate, methylcobalamin and P5P and things seemed to be going along fine for about 9 months. Then I began to notice he was becoming very irritable. It took me some time to figure out it. It was happening after he took his methyl B’s in the morning.

I stopped them until I could figure out what was going on. It was puzzling because I felt great on mine but then again, I’m not him and I don’t have 2 copies of C677T. (just one)

I eventually came across a blog talking about this very problem. They mentioned methylated B’s causing depression, moodiness and irritability. Apparently this is fairly common when your methylation speeds up too fast and your body can’t handle it. The site mentioned pulsing B’s vitamins (using off an on) which is also what Ben Lynch suggested. By the time I had read Ben’s book, he was already off his B’s anyway. The site further mentions using niacin to buffer the problem if it happens.

I’m glad I finally figured out that these symptoms mean overmethylation. Apparently this can happen at any time when using these supplements.

I talked with his doctor and she agreed that he was overmethylating. What she suggested was just to use whatever methyl B’s are in a multivitamin and don’t give more or extra. She said no more than 400mcg of methylfolate in a day.

We plan to use these suggestions and see if that helps. I thought it was important to share this because we can’t be the only ones that have a child that doesn’t do well or stops doing well on methylated B vitamins.