This round went off without too many hitches. He still has some symptoms on rounds which tells me his hair test is correct, he still has mercury.

  • Current doses:  75mg of ALA and 12.5mg of DMPS. (plus the basic 4 supplements in the book)
  • Length of round: 65 hours

His symptoms on round:

  • Increase in sensory sensitivity
  • Trouble focusing after taking doses that dissipated in an hour. Most of us might call this brain fog.  This didn’t interfere with daily life or deter him from completing school work.

Gains I’ve noticed the past few rounds:

  • He is coming up with creative project ideas for homeschool. For example this round: he suggested that he needed to work more on his scissor skills so he wants to make a Cosplay sword as part of ancient history.
  • His mood is tremendously better!
  • He’s been getting up and doing some of his work on his own without anyone asking.  (yay!)

In my case, I had reached a plateau the past year with rounds at 200mg of ALA and no symptoms. After the break I restarted with 25mg DMPS and 200mg of ALA round. Something is definitely working again. My main symptoms on this round:

  • sensitivity to light
  • near vision seemed a bit blurrier than usual.
  • tinnitus in my left ear got loud on round 141 and it’s still blaring away.
  • low/no appetite (trust me I’m not complaining about this symptom)
  • I noticed more stable blood sugar.
  • I did noticed I could go without or delay thyroid or adrenal pills without feeling like I needed it.
  • I felt over all better, aside from being a bit tired from 4 hour sleep increments.

I know people aren’t here reading my blog because they are interested in adult chelation. I don’t often provide information about my own chelation journey on this blog. I’ve shared some of it on adult forums over the years. What I want to convey as a take away here is that when I first started, I couldn’t tolerate 5mg of ALA. Today I can take 200mg and if I have any symptoms on round they are very manageable.

If I could do longer rounds on us both I would. Honestly, I need to sleep more than 4 hour increments or my adrenals will cry. I swear I can hear them…wish I were kidding. I don’t get back to sleep right away after getting up to give his doses so often it’s 3 hours. It’s fine…I’ll live but I wanted to share with those starting out. It is hard but you do get there if you keep at it. Sometimes you think it’s not working but it is. Keep going.

Post round day 1 we are a little tired. This is pretty normal really considering what we did to our sleep schedule the past 2 nights.  I usually give extra vitamin C and magnesium which helps.

We plan to keep plugging away on DMPS/ALA rounds for the remainder of this year. I’m still getting gains at 202 rounds in my kid so how could I possibly give up?

I can’t. I know Andy wouldn’t want me too.