I’ve determined the only way to answer my questions are to try this.

Now in our case we’ve already done a significant amount of chelation so I don’t expect it will do anything. I also wouldn’t tell someone else not to try it based on what little I know about it.  The chelation protocol we use does not specifically chelate or bind aluminum. It does lower body burden of other metals which allows the body to get rid of aluminum which is can do on its own.

  • What I want to know is have we got out enough aluminum?
  • Did we remove enough of it that silica water will do nothing?

There is only one way to find out. Try it.

My plan I developed after reading and watching Professor Exley’s lectures is to try using a high content orthosilicic water :

  • Week One: Silica water to replace all his drinking water for the week
  • Week Two: 1.5 liters of silica water per day

I will not be doing any chelation rounds during the two weeks. If money were no object I would have liked to do before and during metals testing just to see, but that is not going to be possible. Prof. Exley did this testing though with his silica water experiments which is how they knew the water was increasing excretion of aluminum.

Key Points for doing silica water:

  • It is not a binder so it is safe to use on rounds.
  • Professor Exley is very specific that you cannot use silica supplements in place of actual mineral water with a high silica content.
  • The form of silica needed is very specific. It must be an orthosilicic acid found in mineral water.
  • There are several brands of mineral water Professor Exley mentions that contain this.
  • What I am using contains 96mg per liter of silica. My child will be drinking 1.5 liters per day.

I will post the final results of this experiment. Stay tuned.