I’ve been immersed in some of the latest information on toxins and autism. While I’ve generally been focused on ACC Protocol, I do think its important to keep up with other new research. Many times we see something and think “nah that can’t possibly help” but if you start listening to other parents, they report it does. It doesn’t mean its going to help my child but for me I have to at least look at the issue to see if it has merit.

In this case I’m talking about silica rich mineral water which at first glance sounds too simple to do anything. Well is it? Could it be that simple?

I began looking at the research by Professor Chris Exley. Professor Exley’s expertise is aluminum research. This means I can safely assume he knows a great deal more about aluminum than I do. He mentions orthosilicic acid to lower body burdens of aluminum which in turn leads to more excretion of aluminum from the brain via homeostasis. People seem to get confused and mention silica supplements which he clarified at Autism One were not the same form of silica found in mineral water.

I’m trying to extrapolate what his research means for someone like my child who has clearly had plenty of aluminum exposure but also consequent already done 202 rounds of chelation. We had used DMSA for 100 of those rounds. DMSA is noted in some research to remove aluminum. Further we did see aluminum on hair testing greatly reduced with those rounds. However, I do understand that Professor Exley wasn’t able to verify the accuracy of hair aluminum versus body burden in his research.

The more recent aluminum research demonstrates that the aluminum adjuvant in vaccines is a modified or man-made version of what’s found in nature and therefore it seems to be more persistent in the body and brain than previously thought.  Pre-1899 we were not mining aluminum and removing it from the Earth’s crust where it’s normally found bound with other elements.

Further, we began injecting it which is not a natural method of exposure. There is also research that demonstrates high aluminum in the brains of autistic children. It’s clearly a problem that warrants serious and further investigation.

I know people don’t seem to think of aluminum the same way they think of mercury, but make no mistake, it’s just as toxic. Many kids are also exposed to mercury too from either maternal sources, environmental sources or some vaccines.  Further, add in genetic predispositions to immune problems and the fact that aluminum adjuvant acts like an antigen in the body and it seems more likely than not that something might go wrong.

History has demonized mercury and rightfully so and I think eventually it will come to add aluminum to that same description. In the meantime though, I’m convinced enough from various sources that it’s toxic and I want it out of my child’s brain.

So my questions are:

  • Have I removed all of this aluminum from my child’s brain? It was my understanding that if you remove mercury, the body will let go of aluminum.
  • I began wondering how this applies to a pervasive man-made adjuvant that seems to be picked up and changed by macrophages. (immune cells that travel to the brain)

These things are not clear to me and mowing through research on the matter has led me to believe that the body gets rid of aluminum on its own but this process can be compromised in infants and some others depending on genetic make up and exposure to other metals etc.

My conclusion thus far is that water containing orthosilicic acid is:

  • a cheap investment that could help lower body burden of aluminum.
  • safe to use with or without Andy Cutler chelation or most other therapies in use in the autism community.
  • either it will do nothing but provide healthy minerals for bone health
  • or it will do something that leads to a positive improvement AND provide healthy bone minerals.

If nothing else, it’s mineral rich water that is pretty much harmless.

If I decide to do an informal experiment I will post our results.