When I took on this experiment I didn’t expect to see anything because we have done 202 rounds of chelation.  I do however fully recognize that ALA chelation does not bind to or remove aluminum directly.  The body can remove aluminum in most cases when you reduce the level of mercury.  However, in this previous post I described my thought process for deciding to try this. Then I developed a plan in this post.

I must admit I was a complete skeptic we’d see anything this far into the chelation game but I’m here to report that after 2 weeks on silica water something has changed.

What we did:

  • Week 1: All drinking water was replaced with silica water for 7 days.
  • Week 2: Drinking 1.5 liters or more of silica water per day for 7 days.

Gains reported starting the 2nd week:

  • marked improvement in his ability to manipulate numbers and statistical probabilities.
  • process information easier and retain it better than he used too.
  • He also noticed that playing chess had been much easier and required less “brain power” than it had in the past.

It was because of these gains in mental cognitive ability that I decided to continue silica water at 1.5 liters per day to reach the 12 weeks recommended by Professor Exley. We do still plan to continue ACC chelation also.

Silica water has caused gains in cognitive thinking which tells me there is or was aluminum still in his brain clouding things up.

I’m not saying anyone should or should not do silica water and I’m definitely not telling anyone to abandon chelation. These two therapies target different things which is key to remember. Silica water is not going to address lead, mercury, silver, tin etc.. so we still need to continue his rounds.

For me it’s about sharing our journey and if our trials and tribulations help other families, even better!

I’ll update this post as we go and once we conclude our 12 weeks I’ll make this into a summary.

So wow!! Just 4 days after I posted he reports more:

  • improvements in memory
  • faster cognitive speed for tasks (he has had a very slow processing speed for most mental tasks documented on psychoeducational testing)
  • improvement in what he calls brain fog

For us this is very exciting because even though I know we need to continue chelation, it is not producing gains this far into therapy. At least not lately. We still need to continue to remove mercury though.

5 weeks:  He reports improvements in his reflexes. He feels they are quicker.