We began round 203 on New Year’s Eve. With the holidays behind us it was time to get back to chelating. He is still on silica water but I know that we must press on with removing mercury. I contemplated a dose increase but decided to hold off since he still reported some mild symptoms at his current doses last time.

  • Round 203: 12.5mg of DMPS, 75mg of ALA
  • Length: 66 hours


  • He decided he wanted to try a new dish while eating out. He looked over many choices on the menu and selected something he’s never had. This is completely out of character for him. He normally just gets the same thing and isn’t interested in trying new food.
  • new interest in reading fiction books. In the past he didn’t prefer to read at all and if he did it was factual based.


  • He didn’t seem to be hungry much on day 2 of the round but he was otherwise acting normally. Sometimes I will experience this on a round too, but that often.


  • reported intermittent headaches on this round. This means I need to increase his magnesium and vitamin C.

Our only post round symptom was fatigue. We were both a little tired which is expected when you’re sleep is disrupted two nights in a row.