Our doctor decided to do an urine organic acids test.  We’ve been having sleep problems for nearly two years. All attempts at improving it with supplements has not worked.  Now in the teen years we are also seeing bad acne that isn’t responding to even the best quality botanical acne products or his probiotics.  I knew some things were off but guessing gets old and sometimes you need data so why not?.

I have to say I was really surprised by the results.

  • Candida: I’m obviously shocked by the candida markers because he had serum candida Ig testing and it was negative however that was over a year ago. Things change. So even though his yeast went away at 100 rounds it’s clearly reappeared.  Candida can change at anytime depending on what you eat or what medications you take. In our case, there have been no medications so it’s likely just being off probiotics for a while and eating too many starchy foods.
  • Bacteria: clostridia: I could not predict or guess the clostridia because his symptoms really didn’t tell me he had bacterial overgrowth.
  • High oxalates: I really was floored by the oxalates. He has no signs of this and he doesn’t eat high oxalate foods by choice. I attribute this result to gut dysbiosis.
  • Mitochondrial Issues & Reduced genetic capacity to metabolize leucine: I could not have guessed these results. Mito issues maybe because it’s common in autism, but the leucine problem, no.
  • Low serotonin production: I suspected this but had no real way to confirm it.
  • Inflammation and/or neural excito-toxicity: I really couldn’t have known that without testing. That’s a big deal and something I don’t want to ignore so we will be addressing that.
  • Low vitamin B6: good to know.
  • High pantothenic acid: He doesn’t take pantothenic acid but this can be elevated with gut dybiosis.
  • Low vitamin C: apparently he needs more than what we have been giving for chelation.
  • Problems using fat for energy: that explains why he eats mostly carbs.
  • He should avoid tryptophan: good to know and no way to have guessed that one without testing.

What our doctor recommended based on the results: (each test results is individual so the supplements I list won’t apply to your child)

  • 5-HTP
  • B2
  • B5
  • B6
  • colostrum or transfer factor
  • CoQ10
  • goldenseal
  • grapfruit seed extract
  • L-carnitine or acetyl-carnitine
  • niacinamide
  • omega 3/dha (already takes this)
  • probiotics
  • selenium
  • vitamin C (already taking but need to raise it)
  • vitamin E (already on)

I’m not introducing this all at once of course. My first mission is addressing the gut and then adding in the other things.

I know often times my readers feel that “Jan is doing that, I should too” but I want parents to remember, I’m a parent, not an expert on all things autism.  My posts are based on my own journey helping my child find health and well-being and that my friends, can take us many directions.

I can’t wait to see if these supplement changes are helpful. We are just about done with our 12 weeks on silica water and I’m pleased to see the changes in my child from that. We are due to resume chelation any moment now providing real life stop getting in the way!