The Edge of Autism

……..the journey back

About Me

I am a parent who suffered mercury poisoning from dental amalgam fillings and recovered. In my search for health I also learned that both of my children were poisoned by dental amalgam and vaccines.  Our journey to reclaim our health began my education as a scholar in all things mercury.

I started detoxification and supplements in 2006.  Since that time we have continued frequent low dose chelation and the other complementing therapies needed to heal the body after mercury poisoning.

Once I learned that my family was mercury toxic, I began to educate myself in many areas of natural healing.  Some of the area’s I became very proficient in were adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and frequent dose chelation. This led to helping on many online forums teaching people about the protocol including many parents of toxic kids.

Since we experienced such profound improvements it has always been my goal to share it with as many people as possible.

I don’t claim this protocol for my own. It is not. It’s truly Andy Cutler’s baby. I have been honored to work with him over the years as a mentor and colleague. He helped me learn more about all things mercury and sometimes other things not mercury. He was an extremely intelligent chemist and was always willing to share his knowledge. I will always be grateful for all his help over the years and his willingness to review my books and critique them for accuracy of his protocol.  His opinion and approval of my project to reach parents meant a lot to me.

Today I continue learning because I believe you can’t learn too much about being proactive in your own health and well-being. Things are rapidly changing these days in the holistic health community as we learn more about our bodies so it pays to stay up to date with the newest work.

I do occasionally work with a parent on a one to one basis if they need guidance managing this protocol. This mentoring will hopefully add more knowledgeable people to our arsenal of frequent dose experts in the future.

This is a modest list of some of the seminar and certificate programs I’ve participated in over the years.

  • Dr. A. Tru Ott, PhD Lecture on vaccines and nagalase
  • Medical Support for Autism with Dr. Mumper- Certificate  of Participation
  • Medical Treatment for Autism with Dr. Mumper- Certificate of Participation
  • Environmental Health: An Integrative Approach- University of Arizona- Certificate
  • Implementing a Dairy Free/SCD diet-Pam Ferro and Raman Prasad
  • Leaky Gut Webinar with Steve Wright
  • Microbes, Fermentation and Ecological Medicine by Donna Gates
  • Help for Picky Eaters Webinar by Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN
  • Re-engineering the Gut by Steve Wright
  • The Root of Autoimmunity by Dr. Tom O’Brien DC
  • PANS by Sue Swedo, MD-Certificate
  • Natural Health School- Herbalist Course
  • Andrea Lelama Gut Bacteria Seminar
  • Dr. Bradstreet’s work
  • The Dr. Mark Geier’s Work
  • Autism Research Institute Online Lectures, Webinars etc.

There are many more that I have not listed but the knowledge from working on forums and helping thousands probably hundreds of thousands of people with mercury poisoned children cannot be catalogued in university hours when it has become an integral part of daily life. There is no certificate to measure living mercury poisoning and recovering from it.

I wish you all the best on your journey and recovery from mercury.


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