About Us

I am a parent who suffered mercury poisoning from dental amalgam fillings. In my search for health I also learned that both of my children were also poisoned by dental amalgam and vaccines.  Our journey to reclaim our health led to many ventures including this blog because we have lived on the edge of autism.

I started biomedical intervention in 2006 when my son was 3 years old. Since that time we have continued frequent low dose chelation and other natural therapies.

My quest for knowledge and self-education in this field began in 2004. I began the mass visual consumption of tons of books, medical studies and webinars in areas of natural health. Things like adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, herbs, and supplements so I would have the tools and information I needed to treat myself and my family.

In 2009 I began moderating support forums and was eventually running a recovery forum to where parents came to learn about Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol.  By this time I had a lot of experience with treating yeast, adrenals dysfunction and thyroid disorders. I wrote many informational files providing information for my group. I began to notice that many ASD children were testing positive for adrenal and thyroid disorders but doctors were somehow missing this connection. Most children weren’t being tested at all. These pieces of the puzzle needed to come together so each child could feel and function better.

As my collection of knowledge continued to expand it wasn’t just parents coming to me for help, mercury poisoned adults were emailing me to help them too.

Eventually this led to writing a few books about natural treatments. Now parents could get started without spending years to learn like I did. I plan to write several more books and I have a few in the works I plan to publish in the near future.

My goal is to help parents find this information so they can help their children recover their health. My book was one way I could help parents start quickly and have a good reference point while they do it.  I certainly make no claims to inventing this protocol, because it was truly Andy Cutler, and I have been honored to confer with him over the years and have him review our manuscript. He felt it was going to be really helpful to a lot of parents.

Today I continue to help parents through the Fight Autism and Win Yahoo Group.
As well as through our Facebook Group. These groups are free and I don’t ask anyone to buy anything to join them.

I continue to study in the areas of herbal healing, natural healing, native diets like Weston Price, homeopathy, and other ways to live healthier!

You can find me on Facebook

Some of the training webinars and seminars I have participated in or received certificates of participation:

  • Dr. A. Tru Ott, PhD Lecture on vaccines and nagalase
  • Medical Support for Autism with Dr. Mumper- Certificate  of Participation
  • Medical Treatment for Autism with Dr. Mumper- Certificate of Participation
  • Environmental Health: An Integrative Approach- University of Arizona- Certificate
  • Implementing a Dairy Free/SCD diet-Pam Ferro and Raman Prasad
  • Leaky Gut Webinar with Steve Wright SCDdiet.com
  • Microbes, Fermentation and Ecological Medicine by Donna Gates
  • Help for Picky Eaters Webinar by Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN
  • Re-engineering the Gut by Steve Wright SCDdiet.com
  • The Root of Autoimmunity by Dr. Tom O’Brien DC
  • PANS by Sue Swedo, MD-Cerfiticate
  • Natural Health School- Herbalism Course
  • Andrea Lelama Gut Bacteria Seminar
  • Autism Research Institute Online Lectures, Webinars etc.
  • Many, many web lectures from Autism One: Dr. Bradstreet, Dr. Andy Cutler, etc.

Disclaimer: This blog contains Affiliate links for products. This helps generate revenue to buy the supplements my child needs. Any products linked are linked because 1. I’ve used them and like them. 2. It’s a courtesy to help parents who want those suggestions. By no means do you have to use the same products I use.


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