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Round 199 update

We finished round 199. It was delayed longer than originally scheduled due to an injury, that put me out of commission. No worries, I’m ok now.

My son’s only reported symptom this round was that he felt tired. I duly agree I had the same issue but I can’t really say it was the round. We have both been more tired than usual.  In my case, it’s probably iron again. In his, he’s probably entering another growth spurt! I gave extra vitamin C and magnesium since you can always use more than the protocol suggests and sometimes it helps. (extra adrenal cortex glandular too if you use that)

We still do the peanut butter cup method for night time doses since he sleeps right through these. Yes, he can chew and drink water and not wake up. Amazing what you can acclimate to with practice! During the day though, I am mixing chelator into peanut butter and giving that spread on a cracker. (we don’t premix doses doing this, and you can’t premix dmsa at all if you use that).

My plan is  to get round 200 in before the end of December. We will continue rounds but are going to retest his hair 3 months after reaching the 200th round. It’s primarily for my own curiosity.  I need to know if he still meets counting rules.


Puberty Setback Update

I am happy to report that we seem to have gotten a handle on this issue. During puberty a lot can change with hormones and this is often when an adrenal or thyroid problems shows up or gets worse. In our case it got a lot worse. Treating his thyroid with prescription desiccated thyroid and raising his adrenal support really helped a lot.

Something I’ve noted over the years is that you can’t really make a dent in reducing adrenal symptoms if there is a low thyroid condition that isn’t treated. Thankfully we found a practitioner willing to work with us in doing that.

Puberty Setbacks…it’s real tho

Frequent Low Dose Chelation (Andy Cutler chelation)

So what is this “frequent dose chelation” thing you keep reading about? Well….essentially it’s what it sounds like….frequent……giving doses…..of chelator.

We do this to maintain a steady blood level of chelator for a specific period of time so that we lower the body burden of mercury. This way when you do stop the chelators, there isn’t much left to be redistributed or pushed back into the brain. We don’t want it going back into the brain!

Following this slow and low method has proven to avoid regressions or any permanent problems that have been reported with high dose, infrequent dose or IV chelation methods. It’s the timing that’s really the important factor.

The protocol is fully outline in “Fight Autism and Win: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work!” book which also includes the rest of what you need to do the help heal the damage to the body that mercury causes.

Since I fully remember the financial strains of having a sick child, this protocol is also available for free in many locations including my Yahoo forum or Facebook Group.

There is also a great primer for Andy Cutler chelation.

Our Autism Organized website also includes some symptom trouble shooting lists, tips and tricks for the protocol.