The Edge of Autism

……..the journey back

What We Did

This is a run down of some of the things we did to address metal toxicity.

  1. Our primary biomedical intervention was testing and treating for heavy metals. We got a hair test from Direct Labs that is processed by Doctor’s Data Inc. The test is called “Hair Toxic and Essential Hair Elements“.  Do NOT get the toxic elements test because you can’t use it to apply Andy’s counting rules to look for mercury deranged mineral transport. Andy Cutler’s Hair Test Interpretation book is great for learning to understand and use the information in a hair test. Plus…this test is painless and can be done at home.
  2. We tested everyone in the house. We were all metal toxic it! It was just affecting us each in different ways.
  3. We chose to follow the frequent low dose chelation protocol developed by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler PhD. This protocol has been in use since the late 1990s for children and mercury poisoned adults. I had looked at other methods and did not feel comfortable using high infrequent dosing or risking it with natural substances that can remove mercury but the timing and dosing is unknown.
  4. We also included complementary protocols suggested in Andy’s work to target specific problems. We treated yeast overgrowth (candida), bacterial overgrowth, parasitic infection, immune dysfunction, endocrine problems and more. (these things are detailed in Fight Autism and Win’s book)
  5. We later did 12 weeks of silica water as per Professor Exley.
  6. We addressed dietary deficiencies, allergies and removed chemicals from our food and our home.
  7. While we worked on the these things we also addressed developmental delays using the following:
  • Occupational therapy for fine motor delays
  • Speech therapy for receptive language delay
  • Vision therapy for visual processing, visual motor delays and primitive reflexes
  • Auditory therapy although honestly I saw more progress from chelation
  • Sensory diet at home
  • Social Skills therapy using cognitive behavioral therapy and play pair.
  • Physical Therapy for large motor issues
  • Constitutional Homeopathy after 100 rounds of chelation.
  • Flower Essences

It has been a long road for us. I don’t pretend that it’s been easy or fast but it has tremendously changed our lives and it has led to better health and functioning. Most of the natural therapies we did to address the physical issues metal toxicity caused are detailed in my book “Fight Autism and Win: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work!”

While is lists autism in the title, the therapies in it are actually based on Amalgam Illness by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler PhD, PE. His protocol has been used on children and adults to treat metal toxicity.  This book simplifies this process as it is applied to children to make it easier to learn and manage.


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