What We Did

So what is it exactly that we have been doing to get off the autism spectrum?

Our primary biomedical intervention was testing and treating for heavy metals. We got a hair test from Direct Labs that is processed by Doctor’s Data Inc. The test is called “Hair Toxic and Essential Hair Elements“.  Do NOT get the toxic elements test because you can’t use it to apply Andy’s counting rules to look for mercury deranged mineral transport. Andy Cutler’s Hair Test Interpretation book is great for learning to understand and use the information in a hair test. Plus…this test is painless and can be done at home by parents!

It was not just my son that tested heavy metal toxic, I did and so did my other child. We chose to follow the frequent low dose chelation protocol developed by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler PhD. This protocol has been in use in the late 1990s for children with autism and mercury poisoned adults. I had looked at other methods and did not feel comfortable using high infrequent dosing or risking it with natural substances that can remove mercury, but the timing and dosing is unknown.

What is sometimes missed when you mention that you’re doing frequent dose chelation is that it isn’t only chelation that is done. We also did a variety of supplements based on the needs of my child that target specific problems. Each child’s needs may vary of course but generally most children have fungal overgrowth, gut bacteria, immune problems, and endocrine problems. So these areas were addressed with natural over the counter supplements.

We treated yeast using natural antifungals, daily probiotics. We also treated gut bacteria and parasites later on in the chelation journey using herbs. We found that the more chelation rounds we did, the less problems we had with fungal overgrowth or infections in general. Today he doesn’t need to take antifungals at all. And rarely needs probiotics.

We did address his diet as one of our first things. We removed dairy and all food chemicals. This includes artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, GMO’s.Eventually he could eat dairy without any problems. We had initially remove it because we thought it was part of his constipation issues but those resolved with antifungals. Two trials on a gluten-free diet did not show any benefit and we did not continue it.

We have treated adrenal and thyroid problems with natural glandulars to support the body and assist with healing the glands. Mainly we just kept chelating.

Other therapies that we did for my son to address any developmental issues:

  • Occupational therapy to address fine motor delays
  • Speech therapy to address receptive language delay and learn social language
  • Vision therapy to address visual processing, visual motor delays and primitive reflexes
  • Auditory therapy as Earobics home program (although honestly I saw more progress in this area from chelation than I ever did that software)
  • Sensory diet at home (this is not food, its activities that helps regulate the nervous system)
  • Social Skills therapy through a child psychologist using cognitive behavioral therapy and play pair.
  • Physical Therapy to address some large motor issues
  • Homeopathy as constitutional remedy after 100 rounds of chelation. First attempt unsuccessful. Second attempt was helpful.
  • Flower Essences: Still in the works will post if this helps or not.

We have not finished chelation yet and will continue until it’s completed but we have found it is very helpful to address any developmental or social issues as children grow. Often times parents want to wait in hopes chelation will fix all the issue at hand. However it’s important to know that these are skills that did not develop. These children missed those developmental stages because development was interrupted or delayed by exposure to metals or by illness. Therapy helps pick up those gaps by teaching these missed skills.

Chelation removes the metals, but you still need to teach the skills they did not learn early on. Things like idioms or jokes may have to be explained. Social skills can be learned but may have to be taught like you’d teach math. As such any therapies we chose to do were to address those gaps and what I found surprising was the reports we would get from therapists. They would tell me they couldn’t believe how fast he picked up skills. They were not used to seeing a child respond so quickly to therapy. I attribute this advantage to chelation. One week he could not hold scissors properly, the next week he could. The therapies were baffled!

It has been a long road for us. I don’t pretend that it’s been easy or fast or an over night miracle. What it has been is rewarding in witnessing the progress he’s made through chelation.

You can read all about what we did and how we did it in my book:  “Fight Autism and Win:Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work!” (second edition) *

*My story is not in the first edition. 

 How Long is the Road to Recovery?


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