I offer educational consulting regarding the information and protocols in my books. I have spent 11 years in the field studying and implementing these natural therapies and am happy to help you get started. You can read more about me here. I can work with you by email or live chat sessions. (At this time I do not offer Skype or phone consultations.)

I also offer detailed hair test interpretation reports that offer explanations and suggestions specific to the hair test result. I also evaluate supplement lists and test results for parents and give feedback on what is helpful for this particular protocol.

The type of hair test I work with is the “Essential and Toxic Elements Hair Tests” by Doctor’s Data Inc. There are a few other tests that can be used in its place but this one offers the most information and is the most effective for applying counting rules to look for mercury toxicity. If you have another test, please tell me before booking a consult and I will tell you if I can be helpful or not. The interpretations on forums are often brief but still useful but some may wish to have more information about what else these tests show.


  • Live Chat Q and A session: 1 hour: $100. The first 15-20 minutes will be spent going over some information about your child that you provide prior to our session.
  • Live Chat Q and A session: 30 minute: $50
  • Hair Test Interpretation Report: $30 each includes detailed written report by email and one follow-up email to address further questions you have. (up to 5 questions)
  • Review of your supplement lists: $25 includes email report detailing suggestions that are in line with this protocol.

*Fees have factored in the time I will spent prior to our chat going over your child’s information. I generally spent at least 30 minutes prior to our sessions working on your questionnaire forms and preparing information.

All clients will be asked to sign consent forms and provide payment prior to our session. I currently offer live chat consults through Facebook Messenger, Google Chat or Y-Messenger.

If you wish to consult with me please contact me using the contact form below. Specify what sort of help you are looking for and I will get back to you with details and forms. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for listed here, please be specific so I can let you know if I can be helpful.

I look forward to helping your on your journey to health!

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