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I work as an educational consultant regarding the information and protocols in my books. I’ve been helping others for 10 years work through this information and formulate a plan.  You can read more about my qualifications and experience here.  I work via email consulting since this option works well for overseas and/or busy clients.

Current service levels:

  • Partial Email Consult:  I will review your intake forms and answer up to 10 questions in the intake form with my suggestions. You have 1 follow-up email to further clarify anything I’ve suggested. $55
  • Full Email Consult:  I will review your intake form, questions, hair test results, and supplement list and provide a full written report addressing your case with suggestions on how to proceed. Includes 1 follow-up email to ask questions about the report. $110
  • Hair Test Interpretation Report: $30 each test. Includes detailed written report by email and one follow-up email to address questions about the report. These are highly detailed written reports that provide explanations and suggestions specific to the hair test results.  The type of hair test I work with is the “Essential and Toxic Elements Hair Tests” by Doctor’s Data Inc. If you have another test, please tell me before booking this service and I will tell you if I can be helpful or not. The interpretations on forums are useful but generally brief. This is for those who wish to have a greater understanding of what else the results may mean.
  • Supplement List Review: $25 includes an email report detailing suggestions based on your supplement list that are in line with this protocol. If you want to know what you need and what don’t you need, this the one for you.

How to schedule with me:

  1. Contact me via the form below.  Specify the service you want.
  2. I will email you the forms and details.
  3. Complete the forms.
  4. Return to this site and send payment.

**Please note if it has been more than 3 months since your last service you will need to complete new forms.



*Fees include time I will spent prior to our chat going over your child’s information. I generally spent at least 30 minutes of my own time prior to our sessions.



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