Hair Tests for NT child

My older child did not have Autism but did suffer symptoms of anxiety, moodiness, fatigue, and difficulty interpreting social actions by others. She also displayed some mild sensory sensitivity to noise, touch and certain clothing textures. She had vaccinations and amalgam fillings. Her testing confirmed mercury toxicity. Low adrenal and thyroid function were evident on hair testing and later confirmed by a doctor. She continued to chelate and completed 133 rounds of chelation. After taking a prolonged break from chelation without return of symptoms we challenged with a round of 100 mg of ALA without any symptoms.

We have repeated this challenge several times and there is still no response to chelators, either good or bad. She did enjoy several years of not requiring thyroid medication or adrenal support while on the gluten-free diet. She no longer has symptoms to gluten after being gluten-free for 3 years and treating the gut with natural antifungals, anti-parasitic herbs, antibacterials, aloe water, probiotics etc.   However in the past year she is experiencing a set back with adrenals. A saliva cortisol panel has shown significant adrenal fatigue and low cortisol which is being treated by a functional medicine doctor. Food allergy testing revealed a significant allergy to eggs and yeast. So some gut healing modalities are in place right now and we’ve seen a lot of improvement. I am happy to say that she has no thyroid antibodies to date. This has been checked several times since the initial findings and it appears the autoimmune thyroid is no longer an issue. Chelation was very helpful for her in so many ways and led to her not experiencing the “teen blues” that many young people experience today that really could be exacerbated by mercury exposure.

This test is from 2006. Her first hair test at age 10 prior to any interventions. The goal was to rule out mercury toxicity.  This test met counting rules for mercury deranged mineral transport.  Which proved mercury was a problem. This is in line with known past exposure for this child to dental amalgam and vaccines.




This test was done in 2010, at age 14. We had done 76 rounds of chelation with DMSA/ALA. This test no longer meets counting rules for mercury deranged minerals. It is however a bit off with the undetectable lithium and it misses a rule by a count of one. We continued to chelate finally completing 133 rounds in 2013. Subsequent chelation challenges have confirmed that mercury does not appear to be an issue for her any longer.