The Edge of Autism

……..the journey back

Hair Tests for NT child

My older child did not have Autism but had the following symptoms:

  • anxiety
  • moodiness
  • fatigue
  • difficulty interpreting social actions by others
  • mild sensory sensitivity to noise, touch and certain clothing textures
  • later diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and autoimmune hypothyroidism
  • had food allergies, eczema and thrush in infancy

Exposures to mercury was known from:

  • dental amalgam fillings (had removed prior to chelating)
  • vaccines containing thimerosal
  • maternal mercury via dental amalgam

Total rounds done:

  • 133 rounds with dmsa/ala and later just ALA.
  • We chelated for 4 more years after her last hair test to be sure that she was done. We decided she was done because by 133 rounds we reached a point where top dose of ALA did nothing. Taking months off between rounds, up to a year even then doing a 200mg ala round, still nothing.

What else we did:

  • Adrenal fatigue treatment
  • thyroid medication
  • gluten free diet for 3 years
  • allergy elimination diet while killing gut dysbiosis
  • probiotics
  • parasite kills
  • aloe water
  • antifungal herbs
  • antibacterial herbs
  • lots of supplements for nutritional correction: vitamin D, A, E, minerals etc

What we continue to work now that chelation is done:

  • Endocrine dysfunction: low hormones on several arenas being treated by a functional doctor.

Overall addressing mercury poisoning led to many benefits including better health and mental well being than peers of the generation who were also exposed to the same levels of mercury in infant vaccinations during the 1990s. She did not suffer the depression and “teen blues” that we see commonly reported in teens. She does however seem to have the endocrine disruption that is common in this generation of young adults and that is being worked on presently.  As an adult she is living her life in a better position than most with the tools she needs to continue to be healthy and prevent exposure in the future.

This test meets counting rules for mercury deranged mineral transport. This is evident also in the lack of any mercury being excreted at all. The low lithium, and the all low presentation. In light of this test, having a mercury toxic mom and her exposures to mercury we chose to chelate.
NT Child Initial Hair Test-2010-1
This test was done in 2010, at age 14. We had done 76 rounds of chelation with DMSA/ALA. This test no longer meets counting rules for mercury deranged minerals. It is however a bit off with the undetectable lithium and it misses a rule by a count of one. We continued to chelate further and finally completed 133 rounds in 2013. Subsequent chelation challenges have confirmed that mercury does not appear to be an issue for her any longer.


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