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Hair Tests

This is where I have catalogues my son’s hair tests during our chelation journey. As of February 2019 we have completed 203 rounds. We did 166 DMSA/ALA, then ALA only and began using DMPS/ALA at round 200.  As of his last hair test in 2018, he still meets counting rules for mercury deranged mineral transport.   Read more about the symptoms we had before we started.


I want to emphasize that there is no need to do follow up hair testing once you start this protocol. We were advised by Dr. Cutler to do a few follow-up hair tests because of the very high lead levels on the original test. We chose to continued hair testing once a year or every two years to see when he stopped meeting counting rules for mercury and to insure that hair lead levels returned to a normal ranges.

It’s important to realize the limitations and uses of hair testing especially once chelation has started. This is why I recommend parents read Hair Test Intepretations by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler.

3 thoughts on “Hair Tests

    1. The arrangement of certain minerals on the hair test can sometimes indicate adrenal or thyroid status. This doesn’t show on all hair test results for everyone but in some cases it does. You can see on my child’s tests from age 4-12 that his sodium/potassium and calcium/magnesium have an odd pattern that is described in Dr. Andy Cutler’s book “Hair Test Interpretations: Finding Hidden Toxicities”. However, even thought his pattern becomes less prominent on more recent hair test results, his symptoms still indicate adrenal fatigue. Symptoms always over ride the pattern on the hair test results, so in cases where the test doesn’t have these patterns, we use symptoms.

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