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Hair Tests

One of the first biomedical steps we took was to test for heavy metals. Both my children and I tested toxic for mercury.  Our tests revealed other metals as well in some of us but not others.

These are my son’s hair test prior to and during our chelation journey. To date we have completed 166 rounds of DMSA/ALA and are finally seeing metals dropping into normal ranges on his hair test. We still have mercury. (update, we are up to 200 rounds now and on ALA only) Read more about the symptoms we had before we started.


Our first hair test in 2006 at the age of 3 before any biomedical interventions. This test meets counting rules for mercury by missing two rules by a count one. There is no excretion of mercury but there should be in a healthy person. This implies that mercury is being retained. There are many other toxic metals that are significantly elevated and indicate toxicity.

This hair test was done in 2007, a year into our biomedical journey and chelation has been underway since April of 2006. He is 4 years old. This test is also unusual with an “all low presentation”. It does indicate here are issue with adrenal function, and possibly some mineral wasting. The elevation in toxic metals is the result of chelation, not an indicator of current/new exposures.

In 2008, at age 5 we continue chelation. This test meets counting rules for mercury deranged mineral transport with so many elements in the red zone. Adrenal stress is still a problem but this fairly common in mercury poisoning. We are seeing a lot of lead and other metals coming out as a result of chelation. Since mineral transport is derange, any elevated out of range minerals are not accurate, nor are the toxic metals, except for Lead.

In 2009, at the age of 6, three years into chelation he is still excreting a lot of metals in his hair. This test still meets counting rules for mercury. There is still no hair mercury but this is pretty common. We still have adrenal issues.

In 2010, at the age of 7 we have done a 100 rounds of chelation with DMSA/ALA. Four years and 100 rounds and we still meet counting rules for mercury deranged mineral transport. Toxic metals seem to be very slowly coming down. There are still adrenal fatigue signs on this test.

In 2011, at age 8, 122 rounds of DMSA/ALA. We see an increase in cadmium on this test. It could be excretion but this test still meets counting rules so it’s plausible the cadmium is not actually that elevated. We still have adrenal fatigue signs.

In 2012, age 10, we are still chelating. Still on the spectrum but we have better days. The absence of lithium is a mercury marker. This test meets rules still.

In 2014, at age 11 1/2 years. We’ve done 169 rounds with DMSA/ALA. This test still meets counting rules for mercury deranged minerals. We still have adrenal signs on the test.

In 2016, at age 13 we had done 178 rounds. By this time we were using ALA only. This test also meets counting rules. Some sort of a spike in silver, which may be a dump or it might be falsely elevated by mercury deranged minerals. Lead is finally coming into normal ranges but still needs to be a bit lower. At this point we are barely on the spectrum anymore but we still have some sensory issues. More chelation to do!! Stay tuned!

So here we are 3 months past round 200. This test still meets counting rules! The lithium has come back in finally. There is still an arsenic and silver dump ironically because we had only been using ALA. We did introduce methylation supplements in the fall of 2017 which may help with some metal excretion. He has been steadily excreting these two metals for a while without a lot of known sources in his past aside from maternal dental amalgam. However these levels could be falsely elevated due to the test meeting counting rules. This test continues to show adrenal and thyroid issues. Those continue to be treated.


3 thoughts on “Hair Tests

    1. The arrangement of certain minerals on the hair test can sometimes indicate adrenal or thyroid status. This doesn’t show on all hair test results for everyone but in some cases it does. You can see on my child’s tests from age 4-12 that his sodium/potassium and calcium/magnesium have an odd pattern that is described in Dr. Andy Cutler’s book “Hair Test Interpretations: Finding Hidden Toxicities”. However, even thought his pattern becomes less prominent on more recent hair test results, his symptoms still indicate adrenal fatigue. Symptoms always over ride the pattern on the hair test results, so in cases where the test doesn’t have these patterns, we use symptoms.

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