100_7594The Edge of Autism came out as my way to help parents learn how I recovered my son from the edge of the autism spectrum. As well as how we treated the mercury toxicity that affected several family members.

The Before Biomed page begins our journey with describing what my son was like before any biomedical interventions. In the early days when were just figuring out that something wasn’t right. At the same time also learning that he wasn’t the only one in the house with a toxic metal load problem.

The What We Did page describes what we actually did over the years to get my son to where he is today. We spent several years detoxifying, working on diet, health and other factors.

The Hair Test Results page shows the hair tests of both my children from the diagnosis phase through treatment. These tests were very useful for a variety of reasons. Hair Test Interpretations by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler PhD is very in-depth on what these tests can tell you.

The Fight Autism and Win page tells you about the book which I eventually went on to co-author in order to help other parents learn about safe natural therapies for their children.

The Musings From The Autism World page is a space where I rant, rave or just comment on things going on around us that directly affect our children, our lives and autism. It can be very opinionated but so can most mama bears when protecting their cubs!

The Recovery Blog is a collection of posts that share our journey as it happened and includes current updates in a blog style fashion. This is where I keep everyone up to date on our progress.

Our journey has been long but rewarding and I hope what we have experienced will help all the families out there who find themselves starting out where we were many years ago. I hope it will inspire you to see that the dark days do yield sunlight, it just takes time!

I wish you all the best in recovery and health!


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