It’s been a month since Andy left us…..

My blog has been quiet for just over a month in honor of Andy Cutler.  Partly because I wanted to dedicate that entire month to him by leaving my post honoring him front and center but also because I’m just still reeling from this loss.

During the month of August we have been struggling with sleep issues that stem back a good year with my son. He gets to sleep, albeit late but then he was waking up every night around 2am and not getting back to sleep until nearly 4am. This was reeking havoc on our entire day because he was just too tired during the day to get much done.

I was too tired from being up late with him trying to get him to sleep too so my troubleshooting was clouded. After talking with a friend she suggested I get aggressive with adrenal support. So I doubled his current dose and he did begin to sleep at night. We had a few wakings after that but it’s settled down mostly. We also added in flower essences for good measure because by this time he was anxious about getting to and staying asleep.

I’m now regrouping myself so we can get back to rounds and whatever else we need to do. We’ve finished his antiviral protocol and his low dose naltrexone treatment. No more thyroid antibodies for now. We see the doc with fresh labs in October so it seems like we have made some progress on that front.

We are working in bits on his sensory and I’ll post about that shortly and let you now where we are now. It’s been hard this past month because I’ve just not felt like I could write anything at all, let alone a post. I guess that’s part of grieving but I know Andy would want us to pick up the pieces and carry on.

So carry on we will!


Dr. Cutler Interview: The Reality of Mercury Poisoning

I always enjoy listening to Andy speak. He has such wonderful informative interviews.

Dr. Andy Cutler: The Reality of Mercury Poisoning-Part 1

Dr. Andy Cutler: The Reality of Mercury Poisoning-Part 2

-Things to make you go hmm..?

  • Pregnant women should not eat fish because of the mercury, but the CDC says they should get mercury containing flu vaccines? (25mcg of thimerosal)
  • Children over age 8 can receive adult vaccine formulations which are not thimerosal-free and you won’t be told.
  • Birth Hep B vaccines make no logical sense for the majority of infants considering how Hep B is contracted.
  • Mercury is not just in some vaccines, it’s in fish, coal-fired power plants, CFL bulbs, dental mercury amalgam…..
  • Some people are just so much more sensitive to mercury than others.
  • If you’re child reacts badly to a vaccine, don’t give more….you’ve already proven your child is sensitive to them.
  • Dental mercury amalgam is toxic even if you think you’re not sick from them. Get them removed safely using a specially trained dentist.
  • Don’t chelate mercury unless you learn how to do so safely, using the frequent dose protocol (and you do not have mercury dental amalgam in your teeth).
  • Adult booster vaccines are not mercury free. (Td, Tdap, etc) Neither are the flu vaccines. Most also contain aluminum which is a further neurotoxin.

We should stop calling autism, autism. It’s mercury poisoning……

Side note: Andy…..Thank you….my family is truly indebted to you for all your work. My son would not have come as far as he has without you.

Geier’s New Evidence

I always make it a point to watch the Autism One presentations each year and I never miss one from the Geier’s!

I have read the Simpsonwood transcripts, the Aluminum Adjuvant conference transcripts so I know exactly what happened. I know that our kids were poisoned by vaccines and this was covered up. The most hurtful part of this is that they knew it in 1999 THREE years before my son was born. They covered it up.

He might not have ever had Autism if the issue were dealt with responsibly instead of people covering their own interests. That’s a hard fact to live with.

What hurts more is that it still continues today. Parents come to me in droves with newly diagnosed children. Mom’s have had flu vaccines while pregnant, their infants get them at 6 months of age… just continues.

I am truly grateful to researchers like Geier’s who continue to speak the truth regardless of any threads, pressures from anyone. They continue to push to stop this crime.

Any parent doubting the truth…..listen to the scientific evidence:

Mercury Free Baby

Geier Presents New Evidence