Frequent Low Dose Chelation (Andy Cutler chelation)

So what is this “frequent dose chelation” thing you keep reading about? Well….essentially it’s what it sounds like….frequent……giving doses…..of chelator.

We do this to maintain a steady blood level of chelator for a specific period of time so that we lower the body burden of mercury. This way when you do stop the chelators, there isn’t much left to be redistributed or pushed back into the brain. We don’t want it going back into the brain!

Following this slow and low method has proven to avoid regressions or any permanent problems that have been reported with high dose, infrequent dose or IV chelation methods. It’s the timing that’s really the important factor.

The protocol is fully outline in “Fight Autism and Win: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work!” book which also includes the rest of what you need to do the help heal the damage to the body that mercury causes.

Since I fully remember the financial strains of having a sick child, this protocol is also available for free in many locations including my Yahoo forum or Facebook Group.

There is also a great primer for Andy Cutler chelation.

Our Autism Organized website also includes some symptom trouble shooting lists, tips and tricks for the protocol.


Hair Test at 178 rounds

My son’s last hair test was in 2014 so I felt it was time to repeat it and see if he still meets counting rules for mercury.  He’s done 178 rounds and unfortunately we have not been as quick in getting them done as I’d like. We had colds in the winter and then I struggling with my own adrenal issues left us way behind on getting in more rounds. However, we are back on track.

Follow up hair tests are not something you have to do but I do them for my own personal sanity. I know they are not diagnostically significant for current metal exposure if you are chelating, but I want to see how long it will take for him to stop meeting the counting rules. I also utilize the test as a guide for adrenal and thyroid function. It gives me a peak at them so I can see, if with symptoms we need to look at it more.

I’m also suspecting some adrenal and thyroid issues this time which was backed up by the hair test. He had been doing well off adrenal support for a while now but the past few weeks I’m noticing he’s refusing breakfast. He says he isn’t hungry but on further questioning he’s actually nauseous which is why he doesn’t want to eat. That is often a sign of too much adrenaline in the morning and not enough cortisol. So we have restarted adrenal support.

I’ll need to see the doctor for some thyroid tests to verify or refute those findings.

But as I suspected the test still meets counting rules. I kind of suspected that but didn’t really want to see it.  We still have lead, silver and arsenic coming out but at least the toxic metals that were high in the past are much lower. It’s also very plausible that the toxic levels of silver and arsenic are not accurate because the test meets rules. The lead would be but this is markedly improved from the past. We may at some point think about a bit of DMSA again. Well see.

While we all wasn’t to see a normal hair test, I can say that the results doesn’t really surprise me. It does give me the validation I need to continue knowing it’s still warranted. I have uploaded the test to add to our collection for those that also find interest in tracking his progress.

Hair Test

You have a Mother what mutation?

Metabolism of folic acid. The role of Vitamin ...

Metabolism of folic acid. The role of Vitamin B 12 is seen at bottom-left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of you may have heard about a genetic variant called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase or  “MTHFR”  for short. While up to 70% of the population has this normal variant it is said to affect many functions in the body that can affect your health. Parents in the autism community are more familiar with this than most but it’s becoming more familiar in all areas of chronic illness.

Some have felt this was the cause for autism but more recent research is not demonstrating that to be true.  Rather it plays a role in autism because of how these variants affect the ability to detoxify metals.  Many children who have one or more of these variant gene’s do improve in symptoms when this is treated with methylation supplements.

I have a functional medicine doctor that I have been working with for over 6 years to treat my adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. She decided to test me for this because of my own health history and my son’s diagnosis. My son has not been tested yet but we hope to at some point. My doctor felt that if the results were positive it would help me demonstrate that this testing should be done for my child and knowing his results might help us with his biomedical management.

I got my MTHFR labs back on Friday and they were not what I expected.

I opened my email from the doctor and it said “Congratulations, you’re a mutant!”.

She has a great sense of humor! I was not laughing though.

My results said I have one copy of the C677T mutation which means I am heterozygous (meaning one copy). Those that are homozygous have two copies of the gene.  I am still learning what this means for me or for my family.

I began taking methylcobalamin several months before this to replace the B12 I was not getting in my allergy elimination diet.  Before I had done 107 rounds of chelation I didn’ really tolerate methylcobalmin without side effects. My conclusion for this was that I must have a methylation problem of some kind because of my mercury poisoning. So I was impressed with the progress I had made with  just chelation, juice cleansing and liver support.I did find the MB12 supplements improved my energy levels tremendously.This also the pernicious anemia I’ve had for years on blood work.

I still don’t know for sure if my son has a copy of this gene because we have not had family testing. The potential for him to have it is high and it might explain the unusual anomalies in his previous blood testing. Several times doctors have checked his serum B12 and it has come back high. When he was 8, it was 929 in a range of 211-911 pg/ml.

I asked his pediatrician about this because there was no obvious explanation for this. I was told that “some people just have high serum B12”.

I was confused and this didn’t really make any sense to me. He’d never been given B12. We were not supplementing B12 or even B complex.  It was tested again a year later at age 9, and the results were 1293 in a range of 211-911. So it actually went higher and still he wasn’t on any. I was told the same thing.

All my research online didn’t reveal much about causes of high serum B12 in the absence of supplementation at that time. However, back then there wasn’t that much out there on this subject. More recent articles indicate that this is the results of MTHFR. and it means he isn’t converting folic acid. (

My doctor advised me to start on 1000mcg of methylfolate per day. She did strongly warm me that it might cause bad side effects at first. If it did, I was to reduce it to 500mcg.

She’s been my functional MD for years and she knows me, so she said she expected that it was going to be rough for me because I always react the opposite of most people.

Guess what? She was correct!  No surprise…. I’m sensitive to everything anyway and why would this be any different? (Methylfolate Side Effects).

Shortly after taking sublingual 1000mcg methylfolate I began to notice I didn’t feel quite right and I had the following symptoms:

  • shakiness
  • irritability
  • headache
  • anxious
  • fatigue
  • short of breath

So I just felt cruddy and upon referring to the website regarding symptoms of methylfolate therapy I took some niacin to help reduce them which has helped but it has taken me 2 days to feel normal again.

I have not restarted methylfolate at this time but in hindsite I know the dose she suggested was too much to start on.

What I have learned out of all this has helped my son. He has always had problems with fatigue, low energy and low stamina so we began him on 500mcg of methycobalamin even though his past high serum B12 indicates he might actually need methylfolate. We are not ready to add in methylfolate yet but his response to MB12 has been great. We’ve worked up to 1,000mcg and will probably go higher.

We are seeing good things with the MB12 subligual tablets. He has so much more energy and so do I!.

Want to know more? Check out MTHFR