Chelation Progress Summary

A common question I receive is “how was your son when you started this and how is he now?” I realize it would take someone quite a bit of time to start reading my posts from the beginning all the way to current to see this picture. So I have decided to show you a list of his original symptoms and cross out the ones we don’t have anymore.

We have to date completed 189 rounds for him.

His original symptoms:

  • toe walking all the time
  • rocking on fours
  • jumping all the time, hopping instead of walking
  • constant movement,
  • flapping, spinning
  • stimming to loud noises
  • banging on floors, walls etc
  • kicking legs and things constantly to make noise
  • fearful of loud noises
  • fear of people, no one but his own family could talk to or look at him
  • covering ears because of noise
  • clinging to me with fear in normal situations, like visitors to the home
  • would not wear clothing at all, only a diaper
  • eventually wore some clothing but tore it all off while at home
  • screaming with hair washing or combing (still dislikes hair washing but he tolerates it)
  • no hair cuts, lots of screaming
  • would not wear bandages, screamed in terror if you tried to put one on a cut
  • refusing any medicine by mouth, would gag, scream and throw up
  • refused paints, play dough or any messy play
  • fussed excessively if his hands were dirty or sticky
  • gagging if he touched certain things like playdough
  • fear of the toilet
  • toileting accidents
  • receptive language delay, didn’t understand you
  • not responding to his name
  • super hyperactive
  • lost eye contact, side ways glancing
  • self-limiting diet, ate 3 foods, everything else made him gag
  • constipation alternating with diarrhea
  • rigid, melt down if there were any changes in plans, driving different routes, unexpected guests
  • face blindness, didn’t see facial expressions of visual cues
  • lack of humor and apathy, didn’t notice people crying etc.
  • easily over stimulated in busy places
  • no impulse control at all
  • still mouthing objects at age 3 (he likes gum and does like to chew his pens)
  • no interest in playing with other kids. (this is so not him now!)
  • no pretend play
  • lining up toys by size and shape
  • spinning wheels or round objects
  • repeating words over and over again
  • watching the same video over and over for days, weeks, months
  • obsessed with heat runs, light switches, opening and closing doors etc
  • poor fine motor, in ability to print, draw, color, use scissors, feed self
  • trouble following verbal commands or finding objects in a room base on verbal command. If you send him to get something, he didn’t come back.
  • echolalia (this one took a while but it’s gone)
  • headbanging
  • biting
  • scratching
  • hitting
  • withdrawn and difficult to engage
  • did not want to be held, hugged or touched

Looking back at this list…It makes me both sad and happy. Sad that this was where he was back then. Those days were very hard on all of us. So happy that all of these things are gone. This is nothing like my son today. People always ask me if it was worth it getting up at night and doing all these rounds? Yes, it truly was worth and is still worth it.


We’re still going…chelation update

We have had an incredibly busy summer, so much so that our last round was in July.  I know, not exactly my plan….but really there was just too much going on. Every time I’d plan to do a round there would be appointments, or some thing in the way. Some of the time my own health got in the way. I’ve seen my ferritin tank again and with some recent family changes, my adrenals. I’m a lot more tired than usual but slowly working my way back.

However, like mercury always does, it has reminded me it’s time to get back to chelating. We had a brief bout with yeast for my son out of no where. I chalked that up to dietary boo-boo’s with goodies at the drive-in or other such summer time sugar fun. That was quickly remedied with a few days of probiotics and grapefruit seed extract. My clue that yeast was back was that his attitude became “all vinegar” as we say. He was just so disagreeable most of the time but a day or two on GSE he was back on track. I am learning that we are not the only ones that have seen yeast reappear this far into chelation.  Thankfully it’s very easy to correct at this point.

We did have a family wedding in August and it was probably a mistake to have missed his round that month because unfortunately he didn’t really do as well as he normally would have with a function like that because of some sensory flare ups. He did ok overall but he did need to take a few sensory breaks throughout the long day.

I cannot figure out what has caused the sensory flare ups since he is still gluten-free. We are missing something I’m sure but I don’t know what.

I have learned over the years though that when it seems like your child is just backsliding in some areas or you were on track and now you’re off…..and you haven’t been doing rounds…’s time to chelate!!

So here we are at round 182 (my boy) and round 122 (me). He did not report any symptoms on his round of 50mg of ALA. This time he did sleep through his night doses thankfully. He did seem in a slightly better mood and also tired, but with the low iron I can’t say the fatigue is actually from the round. He has this off rounds too.

For my own round, I used 200mg of ALA. The first day I did notice prickly itchy skin, which is a symptom I’ve experienced in the past from low thyroid hormones. It was gone by the second day. I’ve also had some bad dreams and did not sleep well which is rough when you are already getting up every few hours.  In the past I have had vivid dreams so it is not uncommon for it to affect dreaming. I did see a bit of adrenal stress but only on day one later in the day. Increasing my vitamin C helped. Post round I am tired and find myself a bit emotional, which is also normal. Since my past year or so of rounds have been symptom free, this 2 month break followed by a round that produced slight symptoms is confirmation of mercury.

Course at only 122 rounds I sort of expected that. So onward we go with more rounds already penciled on the calendar.

**Please note the doses I refer too are not starting doses. We have worked up to these slowly as tolerated over years of chelating on the frequent dose protocol. You can learn more about this protocol in my book: Fight Autism and Win


Another Birthday

My son is going to turn thirteen very shortly. THIRTEEN! 

Birthdays have always been bitter-sweet for us because they were a reminder of how far we still had to go to get him to where he should have been.

While I was reflecting on our journey and his upcoming entry to teen-hood, I though, “exactly how long has it been since we started our journey in biomed?” We started when he was 3 1/2 years old. It’s been nine and half years since we did his first round.

That is a significant portion of his life.

Last week we decided to attend a huge gathering for area home-schoolers to kick off the start of a new school year.  They offered parent workshops, meet and greet for new members, and lots of free play for the children of all ages. I was apprehensive to attend, since in the past something like this would never work for my son. Certainly I expected he would not want to go, or if he did, not stay.

It was pouring rain that day. We pulled in and parked the car. I sat for a moment. This was the point of no return. We could leave and no one would know we came. I sighed and voiced that I was a bit unsure about going in and meeting people. My son looked at me and said “no time like the present mom, there won’t be time to think about it if we just get out of the car and go” and he opened the car door. So I followed. I was a bit speechless that this used to be not social child who was encouraging me to get out in the rain and go meet a ton of people.

So out we went! He got the umbrella and held it up for us both as we walked to the building. We filled out our own name tags and looked around. Not really sure what to do so we  went to see what children of various ages were doing outside. Some were riding their scooters, others playing ball or climbing the play-set….and in the pouring rain. They were having a lot of fun. My son looks for a moment, and says “I think I’ll go out and see what they are doing“.

I ask him if he’s sure because it’s pouring out. In the past this would be a huge sensory issue. I did not bring dry clothes or a towel either. He hated the feeling of rain on his skin. He looks at me and says “It’s fine mom, I don’t care if I get wet”. I flash him a big smile and off he goes.

I’m speechless as I watch my boy walk in the rain and across the park to meet this large group of children. No hesitation, none at all. He doesn’t even look back.

Confident, unafraid, and without anxiety.

I met a lot of amazing people there, and my son made a lot of friends. He spent the entire day outside playing with a bunch of kids his age. They played tag, a ball game, ran around, just did whatever kids do.

At one point he could not find me and he wanted his water bottle from the car. So he found a mom there the he knew from own small home school group and asked her where I was. She sent me a text and I found my son and got him his water. He was resourceful in having already looked around for me  and when he could not find me, he got help from another trusted parent.

I had never intended to stay long that day but we didn’t leave until 6pm! He was having so much fun and he was so happy.

I look back at this day last week and thing….wow, he’s going to be 13 and I think we made it!

Looking at him today you would not believe he was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was little. What social deficits??