Light it up blue…is that enough?

It’s that time of year again when the focus on autism is based on awareness. The goal is to create awareness among the masses including those not usually affected by autism. I often wonder how many people out there not directly affected by autism take part in creating awareness? I can’t help but notice when posting things of this nature on Facebook, people only “like” it or “share it” if they have an affected child. But we are already aware. That isn’t the target here.

I guess I sort of get it because we have a cause for everything today, and it seems like there’s a different cause of the month, every month. So at some point, people just tune it out.

But that is what they are counting on. They want you to tune it out. The problem is we can’t keep tuning out the massive numbers of children showing up with autism. Look back 30 years ago, or even 15 and you will see that autism was rare. Today its common. That’s not a coincidence. How many children with autism did you know when you were a child? How many did your mother or father know with autism when they were a child?

The claim is that the increase is due to better diagnostics, but that’s an empty and silly excuse. If this were true there would be massive numbers of adults finally being diagnosed that weren’t diagnosed as children in the 1970s, 1960s, 1940s an so on. They don’t exists. These large numbers of adults displaying autistic symptoms are not there.

There is a cause and they’d like us to believe it’s genetics, but is it really? I mean look at how a genetic disorder actually occurs in a family. You will have many members with it, generational as well. And this occurrence can be traced through the lineage. It also does not increase in frequency or occurrence over generations in a family. This is not what we are seeing in autism or cancer or a lot of conditions they think are genetic.  If this were true the family tree would look more like this:

I’ve talked to a lot of people whose children have autism, and neither parent has it, and neither do the grandparents, great grandparents, aunts etc. I’m not saying there isn’t a genetic susceptibility to autoimmunity, or sensitivity to mercury, or even the ability to detoxify mercury as well as someone else. I’m saying, it isn’t genes alone. There is an environmental exposure or trigger here that was not as profound in preceding generations.

I’m saying some obvious things are being ignored or over looked when looking for a cause for autism. Ignoring obvious sources of toxins like vaccines, maternal amalgam fillings, etc.,

And what if we were to temporarily suspend the vaccine schedule until someone could prove that the vaccines don’t contribute? Or how about we take lead from Japan and postpone vaccination until after age 2. This is what they did to reduce the risks of autism and it worked!

I also think more problems lie in the separation of advocates for autism. We are all grouped into separate entities, such as parents, organizations, researchers, pro-vaxers, non-vaxers, etc, rather than banding together to share information with each other. It isn’t so much about are vaccines good or bad, it’s about what role do they play here than isn’t being looked at. Why do the package inserts state that autism is a risk of vaccination?

Certainly we do have some children who did not receive vaccines or at least their parents don’t think they did. By this I mean, if you have your baby at the hospital and it goes to the nursery for a hearing test, or some kind of routine exam, likely, your baby received a Hep B vaccine if you did not sign a waiver refusing it. The only way to insure that no such thing was done was to have never left your baby at all with anyone. I would like to hope hospitals honor the parents requests or religious exemptions but I have heard stories that this is not always what happens when they take the baby away for an exam without the parents. And if it can be verified that no such vaccinations were given, these children do have toxic hair tests, so they are getting metals from somewhere else.

I could go on really for days about this subject but what really needs to happen is that we need to have a dialogue where parents who have actually been living with autism are listened to without being written off as crazy shills.

What autism awareness should be about is telling the world that some children got shots and subsequently got sick and developed autism. And their parents want answers, and they want to spare other parents and their children a similar fate.  I think its OK to admit that maybe our vaccine program or our medical modalities are not perfect and need to be re-examined. I think change and discussion leads to better things. Of course, some organizations risk losing a lot of money if that happens.

I think “Light It Up Blue” is only a portion of what we need to do. Sure bringing awareness is huge but I think if we wanted to make a true statement as to how many are actually affected it might be more effective to gather as many families and their affected children in one location as possible. It might make the point hit home a little harder.

How about a “Million Family March” on Washington, DC?

So please when you do participate in “Light it up Blue”, remember this a huge real problem that affects millions of families and we need to be heard!

And most of us never see a dime from any of these organizations and their campaigns that want you to donate to autism. We don’t see a dime to help pay for our children’s therapies, medical expense, supplements or special diet food.


A time to be thankful

As we near upon a holiday that’s perpetrated to be a time to give thanks, I can’t help but notice the media push for materialism. As people scramble to stores on a holiday, without any care that the people working in the store have been robbed of a holiday, I can’t help but think “wow, they’ve really done a number on the American people”.

When is enough ever enough?

Having traveled the road of a parent with a vaccine injured child, your perspective on thankfulness is a lot different from most people.

Each and every step towards getting off the spectrum is huge. You count each gain, each good day and each of your child’s smiles and give thanks.

Autism parents get that all the material stuff in the world means nothing if your child isn’t alright.

I’m thankful that I was given the ability to write so that I could write two books about treating autism. I’m thankful that our tragedy has turned into a triumph that I can share with thousands of other parents. I’m thankful for each and every report I get from parents out there that tell me “this is working!!”

And as I prepare to reflect on these things tomorrow before our family dinner, I know that I have been one of the lucky ones. So for me, I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving. I won’t contribute to taking away a Thanksgiving holiday from store employees in order to buy “stuff” that no one really needs. I know that family means more than a 50% off door buster sales.

There are so many things that matter so much more that demand our thoughts and reflections tomorrow.  Don’t be distracted. There are hungry, homeless people right in our own towns.

Each year when I see the Black Friday sales ads starting I am reminded of the movie The Labyrinth, when Sarah is in the junk yard trying to make her way to the castle to save her baby brother. She is distracted by bag lady, and led into a room that contains all her old toys, even ones that she had lost. She’s persuaded to forget about her little brother because everything she needs is right there.

This is how I see the greed that follows a day of giving thanks.
It’s an illusion to distract you from the real problems in our world and the real joys we should focus on.

Imagine if the media spent that much time talking about vaccine damage and autism?  Imagine the change that would lead too?

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Autism Rates Rise Again

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Well folks it’s been a few months since I’ve tended to the blog.
Today I was checking my Facebook and noticed a report from CBS news that the autism rate is now 1 in 50. How truly sad because I have had the horror or watching the autism rate continue to climb in just the 7 years since we began treating my son’s autism. It was 1 in 150 back then. Nothing is being done about it despite so many organizations claiming to help. It is not because they don’t really want to help but because they are up against a machine that no one is talking about. A machine that goes much deeper than some crappy vaccine science and a few ill-informed doctors. I’m talking about the entity running this country that controls the government and influences the decisions it makes. You can call this “entity” whatever you like and different people have different names for it. But their agenda is clearly stated by the continual over vaccination of infants and the addition of mercury containing flu vaccines during pregnancy. Now I hear talk about testing an anthrax vaccine on infants. Are they insane? It might seem that way but they certainly find infants to do this testing on somewhere, which means either orphans or children with ill-informed parents. But make no mistake they will do it and they will give this vaccine to babies.

Never mind that they already tested it on military personnel in the 1990’s during the Gulf War and those soldiers got pretty sick. Some of them are permanently disabled with an MS like illness that no one seems to have any idea how to fix. But the madness continues. I have no idea how many vaccines parents will continue to allow to be given to their babies before they really get a clue. But honestly are 30 enough? How about 50? I’m really wondering the number here because some of the vaccines given today were not even around when I had my first child 18 years ago. And they gave too many back then.

Each and every vaccine is another bullet in the roulette gun just waiting to push your infants immune system over the edge. It’s just one more bolus dose of toxic chemicals that maybe their liver can’t get rid of it. And people keep waiting for the government to “do something” but you’ve all been fooled. Mother government wants you think you can’t decide anything on your own. They want you to think you “need” them to tell you what’s best for your children and your life. They want this dependent population of drones that don’t question anything. This is how they own you. And this is how they rob your children of their futures and their right to life and to be healthy. The government is NOT going to fix this folks. Not ever. They make way too much money poisoning babies to ever stop doing it. But make no mistake, they don’t give this crap to their own kids.

There is no entity coming to stop the autism epidemic. Only parents can do that. They can do it by exercising their right as a consumer to NOT buy a product. That product are vaccines. We’ve been conditioned to think we aren’t paying for it because it’s billed directly to insurance or given away free at the clinic. But we are paying for it folks with all the children with autism on Medicaid. We will continue to pay for it for time infinity if we continue to poisoning generation after generation of children because most of them will require life long care and medical expenses.

How you stop autism is by exercising your right to choose. If a product can’t be sold because no one buys it, well it ceases to exists. Don’t buy it.