Puberty Setback Update

I am happy to report that we seem to have gotten a handle on this issue. During puberty a lot can change with hormones and this is often when an adrenal or thyroid problems shows up or gets worse. In our case it got a lot worse. Treating his thyroid with prescription desiccated thyroid and raising his adrenal support really helped a lot.

Something I’ve noted over the years is that you can’t really make a dent in reducing adrenal symptoms if there is a low thyroid condition that isn’t treated. Thankfully we found a practitioner willing to work with us in doing that.

Puberty Setbacks…it’s real tho


Round 198 update

We just completed round 198. His dose is up to 75mg of ALA which is 1/2 mg per pound for his weight. He’s 15 now and it’s hard to believe that detox has taken us this long. Initially the time estimate was 3 years which would have been 156 rounds at 52 rounds a year. In reality we were never able to do one round every single week all year. His hair test at the 150 round mark was still pretty toxic so 150 rounds wouldn’t have done it anyway.

This past round was a bit rough for us. Rather ironic since we haven’t seen much from rounds in a few years. Nothing terrible but just little things that indicate mercury is still an issue. He he did report having a headache off and on. He was more tired as well and said he didn’t sleep well. He has issues with sleeping anyway and we were working on that with getting his thyroid medication adjusted. I increased his vitamin C and magnesium and it helped tremendously. So no more headaches. I found this round difficult because of the current status of my adrenal fatigue. I just go my labs back which confirms how I’ve been feeling so the night wakings to give doses really wore me out. Hopefully the adjustments to my adrenal support will help that.

It’s just the nature of the process that some rounds will be fantastic, and some will be harder. We’ve had more than one period of time chelating that mimicked a stall period even this far into things.  It probably isn’t the same stall period referred to in Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD but it’s a period of months where rounds seem to do nothing. Then suddenly, one day you do a round and symptoms! That confirms that indeed it is still doing something. I’ve had several periods like this lasting at long as a year.

We are approaching 200 rounds, albeit much slower than I thought it would take us to get there but we plan to hair test a few months after reaching that. Subsequent hair testing isn’t necessary but it’s something I began doing in the beginning for curiosity. It lets me know if he still meets counting rules or not. When the test does, it gives me further motivation that the job isn’t done and I need to continue.

Chelation Update: Round 185

We finished round 185 at his old dose of 50mg of ALA. After the experience with the dose increase on round 184, I decided we need to do a few more rounds at 50mg before we try the increase again. I have never been one for pushing dose increases if it made the child more uncomfortable because often times you need to sort out what will help those symptoms so they can be comfortable instead. Do I need more antioxidants? Do I need to just do a few more rounds at the current dose before raising again? Are the adrenals supported well enough? Is my child sleeping well?

Since I have been at this so long in our own case I know it’s a matter or we need to wait a bit longer at the current dose and then try it again.

I have no gains to report this time either but we don’t seem to have “gains” anymore in the sense that you do early on because most of those ASD symptoms are gone. What we generally see is just a happier child. He just seems more himself on rounds.  We are at a point where we’re are on the tail end of mercury removal and huge gains have already come. So it’s important to remind ourselves there is still a reason to continue chelating. That mercury is not all out yet!

This round was otherwise better than the last. He did not experience the symptoms he did at the higher dose. Something to always remember is pushing the doses up higher to try to “do more faster” is not always going to work because the goal is to be comfortable if possible when chelating.

I won’t even get into how tired I am after this round….I did not get a lot of sleep, since I had trouble falling back to sleep after waking at night. On a good note though I did complete round 125 with little to no symptoms other than the tiredness associated with sleep disruption. (200mg which is above the 1mg per pound limit for adults but at this point it’s necessary to “prove” if mercury is actually still a problem for me)