Spring cleaning update 2

Full Moon - 6400mm

Full Moon – 6400mm (Photo credit: Trypode)

Thankfully my aching and those weird joint pains are gone. This transpired into sinus and throat congestion which seems to be caused by a yeast flare. I seem to have crackling in my ears, which is just another sign of mucus build up caused by yeast. So either I am flushing out parasitic junk from my respiratory tract or its yeast. Oil of oregano is helping with any congestion. That seemed to have last about a week but it is finally going away.

My son also seems to have gotten yeast out of nowhere and had a runny nose yesterday that’s gone now. I did notice he had a few irritable moody days as we got towards two weeks on the herbs. His loose stools were gone in only a few days. It seems the rest of us had it, a good 2 days and that’s finally subsided. Nothing really terrible, no cramps or anything. You just have to go like 4 times a day and it’s rather mushy.

Another super interesting thing I noticed was for a day my son was repeating words over and over and his echolalia reappeared which he hasn’t done for a long time. He had echolalia off and one when he was younger and it would go away and you wouldn’t even notice it until it came back. Kind of like that character Brick on “The Middle”, who is always repeating what he says in a whisper. My son was totally into word play that day; he’d choose a word out of nowhere and just keep saying it over and over. I asked him why and he said it was “fun”. Maybe so but it isn’t something he normally does or has done in years. The next day this was gone.
I would have never suspected that echolalia might be a parasite thing. He was also more sensitive to sound for a few days as I noted earlier but this seems to be gone now too. Cleanses can stress the adrenals and this may explain the sensitivity to noise.

On day 6 he was really all over the place and didn’t seem to listen to us that well. This passed and we moved on to other weird symptoms.
He got a red itchy blotch on his back near his shoulder and some odd-looking red bumps on his neck. He also complained about the outer corner of his eye burning. When I looked at it the skin was very red and a bit of swelling had developed under the eye. The eye itself was fine. Almost looked like an allergic reaction or bug bit except I can find any source for either one of those. I couldn’t even find anything online that looked like it or sounded like it. I thought maybe he rubbed it but he said he hadn’t, that it just started burning and itching out of nowhere.

Weirdly enough it went away on its own within a few hours. The rashly stuff is gone too.

Since he seems to have settled down in terms of Humaworm die off we started a round Monday. I didn’t want to postpone it any further. Round 153. He’s done fine so far, no symptoms to speak of.

Two more weeks of herbs……

My chelation is on hold for now due to adrenal problems again but that’s another long story for another website….lol


Spring cleaning update 1….slushy butt

As I said, I’d try to keep you updated on what transpires with the parasite cleanse. I’ve noticed I seem to be achy in the mornings and I’ve had some sharp joint pains that come out of nowhere and then disappear seconds later. Coincidence? Maybe. It’s just unusual for me, so I’m noting it. It also seems to be causing a yeast flare, which is weird because usually Humaworm kills that too. Peculiar. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Other family members are reporting more frequent stools and a bit of gas but nothing intolerable.

We were watching TV in the living room last night and my girl tells me that my son told her that he was having BM’s like slushies. So we asked him about it and he said he didn’t like the herbs because they were making him have “poops like slushies!” So this of course led to hysterical laughter by all in the room as we nicknamed it “slushy butt”.

But seriously, this would be the first cleanse we’ve done for him that has produced loose stools. I guess I don’t have to worry about the ice cream constipating him. And maybe we are killing off something. I noticed he didn’t yell about vent fan int he car sounding like a stomping elephant!  So that’s something.

It’s not easy driving around in the heat with no air flow in the car.