Food Allergy Test Results (updated 4/2017)

We got the allergy testing back yesterday and it’s good and bad all in the same sentence. While there were not high allergies to lots of foods which would imply leaky gut, there is a significant allergy to eggs. I can’t say I’m surprised really because egg allergies are fairly common and often missed.

He is also allergic to spelt, gluten and wheat which I sort of already figured out based on his symptoms when he ate it, and when he didn’t eat it. He is slightly sensitive to whey also. He does not drink milk but milk is added to many products.

So basically we will avoid whey/milk for 3 months, gluten/wheat/spelt for 6 months and eggs for 9 months. Time will tell if the egg allergy is related to the sensory problem which is what is suspected.  Eggs are the one food we have not removed from his diet in the past. The common consensus online is gluten and dairy are related to problems for children on the spectrum. However, it can be any food really and it’s often very hard to guess without doing some sort of testing.

I found this applies to NT children also. My NT adult child had a lot of skin issues that were not resolving on a gluten-free, dairy free diet. It turned out her high allergens were eggs, sorghum and yeast extract. Removing these has actually been very helpful in her case.

Sample Food Allergy Report

Sample Food Allergy Report

So we begin dietary modifications and see what transpires. Removing a high allergen reduces inflammation and stress on the adrenal glands which can lead to improvements in health and functioning. So we will see what happens in the coming months!

** UPDATED INFORMATION: There seems to be a lot of controversy over the validity of ELISA IgG food testing and whether or not it even indicates an intolerance or allergy at all. I wrote a new post about this issue here. In light of this recent information I would not recommend this testing. 


Bugs you say? What about parasites?


parasite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human parasites are something no one wants to think about. No one wants to admit that there are nasty little creatures barely visible to the eye that hitch a ride on our food or our hands and find a way inside us where they grow, reproduce and thrive. All the while sapping our health and eating our food.

When I first stepped into biomed no one was talking about parasites really. Gut bacteria, viruses, stuff like that, sure.  And the main focus was on supplements. Some parents had their kids on 60 different things a day with it making no difference other than going bankrupt paying for it all.

There seemed to be a lot of children with malabsorption issues. But why? Why aren’t our guts taking in our food? It’s not for lack of eating it usually.  So this begs many questions, like how can you have anemia for years even if you take iron?  Why when a family eats the same diet, does only one of them have anemia or magnesium deficiency?\

A few years into our biomed journey I saw an applied kinesiologist for another reason not related to my son or autism.  I ventured on this journey to see this unknown practitioner because of chronic facial pain that acted like trigeminal neuralgia. But my doctor said it was not.  Seriously painful like nothing I’ve ever had. I had seen a few doctors, and a few dentist and came up with no answers. So I looked elsewhere. I was led to this special man who seemed to have knowledge that no one did.

Something very surprising that came out of that $25 appointment and was completely unexpected was the suggestion that he thought I had a parasite in my upper right side of my colon.  He asked if I got pain there after eating.  I did. How could someone know this without doing any testing other than muscle testing? Beats me but I learned a lot of things in that $25 session that made me a believer of muscle testing and subsequently a believer in gut bugs.

When I arrived back home from our trip I starting researching parasites. What a shocking thing as it never occurred to me that I could have them. Let alone anyone really. Sure I knew dogs and cats got them, but for some reason it did not occur to me, that people do also. Certainly no doctors I’ve seen ever mentioned them.

I spent a lot of time reading up on them and how to kill them. And that began our first parasite cleanse. I didn’t really expect to see anything of course. But certainly our reactions indicated we were infected.  So all this time these buggers were eating all of our supplements and food.  No wonder I never seemed to be satisfied after a meal.

In any case both of my children did a parasite cleanse using black walnut hull, wormwood and clove tincture.  I used Humaworm which was a bit heavier but I didn’t want to throw it all the kids just yet.  But within a day or so of taking the herbs I could feel that it was doing something. I had a headache and I felt really weird. Not sick mind you, just really weird. My kids reactions were more profound.

My eldest became moody and weepy and neurotic. This lasted about 4 days before the symptoms went away. My son displayed some odd behaviors. The first few days he broke out with this odd rash near his knee. He also hid under his bed and refused to come out of his room. He would not leave the house and he was very moody and depressed. He told me he wanted to jump out of the window. (luckily his room is on the first floor) He was completely not himself.  I gave him more liver support and kept a close on eye him.  After his mood swing from hell he fell asleep in the middle of the day.  He woke up seemingly better. The rash cleared up, his mood normalized and he stopped waking up in the middle of the night.  By the time we finished the cleanse a stubborn wart on his heel had disappeared.

Following or on the cleanse my older child’s thyroid medication dose was cut more than in half. So I guess the parasites were eating her medicine.  Over the next few years we did cleanses twice a year or anytime someone had gut symptoms. Each time her thyroid medication dose would need to be dropped way down within a day or two of starting the herbs. Neither of them had such a profound reaction as they did that first time.  But anytime I see her thyroid dose creeping up higher I suspect it’s cleanse time.

What I do know about all this is that parasites affect your health in one way or another. Most people go their entire life and never cleanse. Their bodies must be full of bugs if my children have them.  Some say that parasitic infections are behind many diseases like colitis, IBS etc.

I think there’s a very good possibility they are right. And since cleansing for parasites is generally not harmful or difficult. It’s seems a worthy treatment. After all our veterinarians wants us to treat our pets four times a year. So why aren’t humans treated?

There are many reports all over the internet from parents doing different parasite protocols and seeing improvements in their children or their own health.  It seems an obvious source of illness that is over looked by modern medicine who somehow thinks that humans are so sanitary we can’t get parasites.  But I’ve seen how many people in the public restroom do not wash their hands after going to the toilet.  (ick)n So they might want to rethink that!

So before you spend a lot of money on supplements be sure the bugs are eating them all!

If you doubt it, consider watching “Monsters Inside Me” on Animal Planet.

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The Gluten Experiment

I’ve been gluten-free for over three years. We did try a gluten-free diet for my son a few years ago but we didn’t last 3 days on it. He was tantruming and very unhappy, complaining he was “starving” and there was “nothing to eat”.  It was abandoned in our angst for peace coupled with a  lack of any obvious symptoms or allergy to it anyway. We tried it because people insisted that kids on the spectrum shouldn’t eat gluten/casein.

Fast forward to today. We have a few challenges left in our autism recovery, one of which are some sensory symptoms. In my research to find anything at all that might help reduce those I came upon gluten. And since I’m already off it, that’s half the battle of getting my kid off gluten. I’ve already cleared the way for how to cook gluten-free, go out to eat and shop gluten-free.  The only step here was getting him to eat what I eat.

When I suggested the diet he resisted this idea at first but wanted to know why. Rightfully so if I were taking away all his foods.  I explained that there was a chance it might help his sensitivity. But new foods and dietary changes have always been hard for him. He’s orally sensitive to some textures. He said he’d think about it. (My son is almost 10 years old now, so we do have to include him to some extent in things)

The next morning he woke up and announced to me that he was gluten-free. So we went shopping so he could pick out some things to eat. He’s been gluten-free for five days. So far we are not having any negative reactions of withdrawal. I don’t really see much either way. We plan to do it for a month and see what happens if anything.  He’s been very good about choosing foods to eat from the gluten-free selection in our home. He has not cheated or stolen any food. We do have two non-gluten-free family members.  So if he were one of the kids with an opiate glucomoprhine issues he certainly could find gluten to eat.

I’ve been watching his eating choices over the past few days to see if he would be responsive to trying new foods. He tried a few things in the past few days but this isn’t any more than he normally would try if he weren’t gluten-free. He still prefers the same textures and kinds of foods he has always eaten. One of his sensory issues involves an oral sensory to textures and a need to for crunchy foods. So now those are just gluten-free foods. My son has been eating some gluten-free foods all along without even knowing because I just stopped buying the regular versions when I went off gluten. So he’s been eating GF pretzels for a long time.

While  it’s still early in the game to say gluten isn’t an issue for him, we have not found that being off gluten has expanded his palate yet.

When I went off gluten I began to experience symptoms within a day or two and  benefits almost immediately. I had an increase in energy and a reduction in fatigue, brain fog. I could think so much clearer. Over the coming weeks I gained new energy, better gut function and a more normal appetite. I cleared up a chronic acne condition that never responded to anything doctors tried. I also lost 23 pounds in 2 months without doing anything other than not eating gluten. For me, if I am exposed accidentally I have terrible brain fog, headache and gut pain. It feels like I ate glass and someone drugged me.

My daughter also had very similar symptoms and reactions to gluten that cleared up with the diet. Anytime she was accidentally gluten-ed she was in such terrible pain she couldn’t stand up. After three years of being gluten-free she has been able to return to a normal diet and no longer shows any reaction to gluten.

So far for my boy there have been no negative reactions which is actually good. While it’s too soon to rule out a gluten problem entirely, its plausible this may not really be a problem for him.

It has been a connecting experience for him to be able to identify with his mom also being gluten-free with him. He feels that he can handle the changes because I am there to guide him on what foods he can have. He likes to make GF pizza with me and share it together!