Food Allergy Test Results (updated 4/2017)

We got the allergy testing back yesterday and it’s good and bad all in the same sentence. While there were not high allergies to lots of foods which would imply leaky gut, there is a significant allergy to eggs. I can’t say I’m surprised really because egg allergies are fairly common and often missed.

He is also allergic to spelt, gluten and wheat which I sort of already figured out based on his symptoms when he ate it, and when he didn’t eat it. He is slightly sensitive to whey also. He does not drink milk but milk is added to many products.

So basically we will avoid whey/milk for 3 months, gluten/wheat/spelt for 6 months and eggs for 9 months. Time will tell if the egg allergy is related to the sensory problem which is what is suspected.  Eggs are the one food we have not removed from his diet in the past. The common consensus online is gluten and dairy are related to problems for children on the spectrum. However, it can be any food really and it’s often very hard to guess without doing some sort of testing.

I found this applies to NT children also. My NT adult child had a lot of skin issues that were not resolving on a gluten-free, dairy free diet. It turned out her high allergens were eggs, sorghum and yeast extract. Removing these has actually been very helpful in her case.

Sample Food Allergy Report

Sample Food Allergy Report

So we begin dietary modifications and see what transpires. Removing a high allergen reduces inflammation and stress on the adrenal glands which can lead to improvements in health and functioning. So we will see what happens in the coming months!

** UPDATED INFORMATION: There seems to be a lot of controversy over the validity of ELISA IgG food testing and whether or not it even indicates an intolerance or allergy at all. I wrote a new post about this issue here. In light of this recent information I would not recommend this testing. 


Sensory Is Gone Again, it’s not gluten

So now I’m puzzled because the symptoms went away several days after they appeared

Olive Garden 2012

Olive Garden 2012

and I thought it was because we continued the gluten-free diet. But now I’m not so sure.

We had to attend a funeral this past week which was followed by dinner put on for the family and friends. We had been out all day with the funeral proceedings and I had brought my son some snacks. We already discussed that there probably wouldn’t be anything we could eat at the dinner.

Well, despite my best efforts by the time we had arrived at the dinner, it was 1pm and my son was starving. He ate breakfast at 9am but normally he hast eaten lunch by now. They didn’t bring out any food until after 2pm which aggravated the situation. When they did he decided that he was starving and there was nothing I could say to convince he shouldn’t eat any gluten.

He ate a large plate of pasta and sauce. I stuck with the vegetables and fruit that should have been safe. I encouraged him to try to avoid it as I was doing. Which turned out not to matter because I got sick anyway. I might as well have eaten the pasta!

Within 20 minutes I could feel the nausea and the brain fog so I took some activated charcoal which I carry in my purse in case this happens. My son happily gobbled up what I feared would be a nightmare for him later on.

I waited anxious the following worrying the sensory would come back, Each day we checked to see if his sensory reappeared but it’s been a week, and it hasn’t.

I really don’t know what to make of that. I mean I am super happy it didn’t cause a flare up but it leaves with me more questions.

Would it return if he ate gluten regularly? Why did it return after that one infraction but not this one? What else could have triggered it that time he ate the fries that is also in gluten foods? I can’t find a common ingredient that is in all the gluten foods we removed that would also be in fries. It’s not adding up.

I am reluctant to take him off the diet because he’s eating so much better on it. I fear that if he were to eat gluten daily, then it might bring back the sensory, but then again I’m just not sure yet.

I hope in the next few months I will have more answers but for now we are just glad to be sensory free and have survived a major gluten challenge!

Just Say No to the GMO

It seems that the things I run into get more and more ridiculous as time goes on. I do recall a brief rush of information that was quickly hushed in the 1990s about a concern over genetically modified foods.

Back then I was a young mother with a lot on her plate and this issue disappeared  very quickly from the media. Every once in a while another article or petition comes across my inbox about issues like this.

Lately my Facebook page had many posts about genetically modified foods and Monstanto Corn which perked my interest further. Why were so many people upset about corn? Surely there had to be a reason. I knew about the petitions to get genetically modified foods (GMO’s) labelled. I’ve always agreed that I want to know is in my food. I agree that if it’s in there, it should be on the label. And the only reason I can think of why a company would refuse to label their foods is because they are hiding something. They know that if the public knows about ingredient A or B, they won’t buy the product.

But then if it’s in the product and it would hurt sales that much if people knew, then it

doesn’t really belong in the food, does it? And why don’t they want us to know which products are genetically modified? It always peeks my curiosity to investigate questions like this.  When I started digging around and reading research articles I discovered that GMO corn actually produces pesticide (Round Up as most of us know it) and that’s in the corn. The corn also has to be sprayed with more pesticides than non-GMO corn.

And animals fed this corn get sick, grow tumors and die.  In a very short amount of time.

Ok, wow!

The cancer rates in this country are insane and no one has looked at GMO grain? Rats get breast cancer for eating this grain. Makes you wonder if this isn’t behind the exploding rate of breast cancer in women.

That’s pure insanity. What’s stupid is most food companies are using GMO corn, soy or cottonseed oil in your food and you don’t even know it. If it’s not organic or labelled “Non-GMO” it is very likely you are eating Round Up corn or one of these other GMO foods. There are a lot of scientific studies that have been done about the effects of this corn on animals, some even from prestigious universities like Duke. Yet the results are hushed. Monsanto tried to tell us that this new kind of food would solve world hunger by creating grains that were easier to grow and pest resistant.

That hasn’t happened. What has happened it that livestock fed GMO corn get sickly and die. So what does that mean for us?

Is there some reason humans think this won’t happen to us if we eat it? How have we become so arrogant to think we are above the ravages and damage that animals suffer? We are animals too. Just because we walk upright does not make us bullet proof to the damage of eating Round Up.

Some countries in Europe banned this stuff a decade ago. How? By simply refusing to buy any GMO products.  We could learn from Europe. Not to mention the cow’s will thank us if we get rid of GMO corn and soy.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll skip the pesticide with my dinner, thanks.

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