Homeopathy (Updated)

Old homeopathic remedy, Hepar sulph.In my previous post I talked a bit about homeopathy. I have since done a lot more reading and research into homeopathy in terms of treating autism. It was actually pretty enlightening and it helped explain why the practitioner we saw was not successful.

There are many lectures on YouTube about homeopathy and autism and one of them made a very good point. He said that when treating autism, a practitioner should clearly explain to parents that the path for cure, requires patience. When giving a remedy for autism, often the child may have some mild symptoms that show up such as a cold, a rash, things that had once been suppressed with medication. But part of healing is the body needs to push this out and heal it naturally. He explained that all too often a parent is startled by these symptoms and wants to treat or stop them and another remedy or medication might be used. But this leads to suppression. Most of the time if you give it some time the flare up will resolve itself and no additional remedy or re-dose is needed. So patience, and making sure parents know this is necessary.

I have to say that was never explained to us. And my son did show symptoms, however he had more aggravations than he did expected symptoms but that’s due entirely to another matter.  In our case the practitioner started with an isopathic remedy, not a constitutional. It was re-dosed a few times and within a month, a new remedy was prescribed. We went through 3 remedies in this fashion and only two of them would be considered constitutional but one did not even fit my son’s over all profile. No wonder my child was miserable.

I have read two of  Paul Herscu’s books and generally you need one remedy given once and wait 6 weeks to see what happens. Sometimes you may need to evolve to a second remedy after clearing some layers, but improvements take time. There are other well-known homeopath’s in the world who are seeing success using classical homeopathy as described by Herscu.

I did speak about CEASE in the last post but this not classical homeopathy or a form of it.  Its more of an isotherapy or homeopathic detoxification.  Or as I call it “hair of the dog that bit you”. Where remedies are given of substances that poisoned the vital force in an attempt to correct it.  There are mixed reviews at this point on the outcomes of this therapy.  The feedback I’ve received is that there are significant side effects or healing crisis with this method. But I have no personal experience with it.  If it helps someone I think that’s wonderful.

I have chosen to look at classical homeopathy once again but  actual classical. I was told that the practitioner we saw was doing that, but apparently not.  My son fits a stramonium pattern, he seems locked in a flight or fight stage and has since probably he was an infant. While we control anxiety with supplements this doesn’t mean he has no anxiety and is not fearful of the world. Rather he has just developed coping mechanisms instead.

Sure we continue chelation, that still continues to help. I know we have more metals to remove. And maybe homeopathy may help those residual symptoms that seems to be lingering.



Old homeopathic remedy, Hepar sulph.Homeopathy is something I receive frequent questions about.  I usually suggest parents do some research about it to understand what it is and how it’s supposed to work.

Its seems to be very useful in complicated condition that mainstream medicine offers little  for which is why parents choose to look at homeopathy for autism. It’s easy to administer, and it’s usually safe in most cases.

I have used homeopathy for various conditions and found it to be very helpful. Our first attempt at classical homeopathy for Autism wasn’t very successful but later research on my part chalks this up to the experience of the homeopath in selecting the proper remedy. Children with Autism are often harder to choose a remedy for because their condition masks their truth self. So for us the first homeopath we worked with went through 3 remedies that created aggravations and only short lived gains that left. This practitioner also prescribed one remedy that was actually isopathy not classical. We did end therapy with this particular clinician due to lack of progress and the misery these aggravations were causing.  We returned to chelation and my son regained any lost progress.

Classical homeopathy really does seem to help Autism in many ways and it seems to work much better after some chelation has been done. I am basing this on the many conversations I’ve had with other parents who had tried homeopathy early on and then again later when 100 rounds or more of chelation had been done. I think this is in part due to mercury/metal toxicity causing symptoms that cloud the child’s true functioning or personality. Mercury does seem to affect personality enough that it can make deciphering symptoms and behavior tricky for the homeopath. When some mercury is gone, children (adults too) seem to emerge from their mercury brain and you can see them more clearly for the remedy profile they are.

I have also read the works of Paul Herscu, and find his layers theory fascinating. And not just because it’s interesting but because it really seems to fit many children and what I’ve seen in their histories.

Such as birth trauma, illness, etc.

We have been working on those layers so that at some point my son’s true constitutional remedy will be evident. Ironically he presents like several remedies which is how you know he has a layer that needs to be addressed first. While I can’t relay all his information as well as he explains it, read his books!

I did research CEASE which is homotoxicolgy rather than classical homeopathy. CEASE uses remedies to detoxify vaccines and medications. I did speak with a practitioner that does this form of therapy but I was not able to make a solid conclusion. Her client base consisted of very few children (18) currently doing it which made it hard to gauge the success rate. It was also explained to me that regressions and illness would be expected when detoxifying with these remedies. In fact 18 months of ups and downs.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to relive my son’s DTaP vaccine regressions all over again. I had talked to other parents who were trying this and their children were experience illness, fever, rashes etc., with the remedies. This didn’t seem like the right road for my particular child. I also could not locate one solid recovery case of someone that used CEASE. I had read reports of improvements and even saw a hair test for a child who was doing it. The test still met rules for mercury toxicity, but gains were being reported. So it doesn’t seem to address mercury poisoning, but perhaps its helpful for some children.

Over all, I did not find enough solid information to convince me to try this.  So we have continued chelation and used supplements if needed.

We have looked at Paul Herscu N.D’s work and begun a remedy to address the layers he talks about in his books. This has actually been very helpful with some residual symptoms.

So my summary on homeopathy:

Would I use homeopathy and not chelate at all?  No.

Would I do 80-100 rounds first? Yes.

Would I do CEASE? Not if my child were doing well with chelation and not unless I found more convincing evidence it would be worth it.

Would I chelate with homeopathy? No.

Some methods of homeopathy claim to remove mercury or heavy metals from the body. Just based on the feedback in the adult mercury community, people have tried this and subsequently reported getting sicker, including developing MS like symptoms. We also see this same thing reported in improper chelation using high infrequent dosing. This has led to the assumption that somehow chelating out mercury using homeopathy only actually makes things worse.

I am noting that while I have studied homeopathy by reading many books and listening to lectures on the subject, I have some experience using it, I am not a homeopath.

I’m just reporting what I’ve seen and experienced as a parent.

As I always say, “do your own research and choose what’s best for you”.

Homeopathy updated

Sensory slips away? (Updated)

I got his occupational therapy report today and I was very surprised by the results.

dose globules de 1 gramme

homeopathic pellets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The report stated that my son did not demonstrate sensory seeking behavior and appears to be functioning normally in the classroom without any sensory symptoms.

The only sensory area noted as different on testing is touch. And that was not consistent. There are times he reacts to other children touching him, and then times he shows no negative reaction. He does still appear distressed or distracted by noises in the classroom but is handing that appropriately.

Contrary to this report I do still see some sensory things at home, like the jumping, using a heavy blanket as a means to unwind after school but overall this is an improvement. He still reacts if you touch his shoulders. Sometimes he lets me touch his hair now.  I do think his sensory symptoms have improved at home and school.  They are not gone though. He does still have some visual processing, visual motor delays, but I’m sure if school had checked it 2 years ago before a year of daily vision therapy, it would have been a lot worse!

Over all the report is good. His remedy has created irritability and problems with his sleep/wake schedule. Normally I address this with Calmes Forte but we cannot use any other remedies while the homeopath is treating him. Oddly after each dose he gets this small red patch of peeling skin under one eye. It goes away in a few days or with the application of Vitamin E. It stays gone, until another dose is given. It does not bother him in any way; it’s just an odd thing.  He also has a regression with yeast which he hasn’t had in a long time. He has had 4 doses of his remedy spread over 6 weeks. I’m not too sure with the aggravations though. We go back to the homeopath and see what is next. I am happy to see some progress definitely.

**Update: I wanted to update this thread because the report from school was inaccurate. We later learned a lot of things school told us were not reflective of the actual situations. They reported that my son did not show any signs of sensory issues in the classroom but this was later shown not to be true and was further evident by my son’s extreme meltdowns each day when he got home from school. He was being forced to use pencils and paper when these are two of his worst sensory tactile defensive things. He cannot stand the sound of pencils on paper and he cannot stand the feel of paper.  He definitely continued to react to his known sensory triggers in the home and when we went places with him, so it escapes me how he was not in sheer sensory hell being forced to endure this in school. I suspect he was because he later confided in me that he planned to escape from school and walk home. The homeopathy I refer to at this time was discontinued which I detailed in subsequent posts about homeopathy because it did not help, but only made things worse. Aug. 2014.