Chelating Adults- I’ve beaten ALA

Mercury-PoisoningI have to stay that chelation for me has been more of a struggle than it has for the children. This seems to be fairly common on the forums too. Adults just have a harder time of it, not because the protocol is any different for them, but likely because they have had years more mercury exposure. Many of our children are dealing with vaccine mercury, where as adults seem to be dealing with amalgam mercury from dental fillings.

Sure, mercury is mercury…..but it seems like when you’re inhaling it for 25 years and these fillings are sitting millimeters from your brain….it just seems to gum up the works in different ways.  If that much in the photo above messed up an entire lake…..what did all those amalgams do? Most of us have endocrine dysfunction, our hormones are a mess and nothing seems to work right. We also have gut issues which seem to be similar but not the same as children with mercury poisoning or autism.

In any case, I’ve had the experience of chelating three in my house. Myself and my two children. Two of us were NT “neurotypical” and one was ASD. My observations have revealed that the NT child chelated the easiest and the fastest despite having both amalgam mercury and vaccination mercury. My ASD child chelated easy but it’s taking a lot longer. I’m the odd man…or in this case woman out. My rounds were a lot harder because my adrenal gland were simply a wreck. My thyroid was in the toilet and my gut was a disaster from numerous antibiotics.

Some other mercury folks that I have talked with over the years know of my struggles to maintain function and health so I could get my children better. It has been hard but the past few years have been much better, much easier.

It’s like all the sudden chelation has become easier in the sense ALA isn’t bothering me like it used too. This round I raised to 100mg of ALA and buckled down expecting to feel like crud. But it didn’t happen. I feel fine. Could I use a nap? Sure…anyone would if they had gotten up every 3 hours for several nights in a row.

I can’t complain otherwise, no headaches, no nothing. There is no way I could go near 100mg of ALA last year or several years ago. As I wrote about in my post “Chelating Adults: ALA was my Nemesis” I described my struggle and how long it’s taken me to get to here. It didn’t come without hard work either.

I have never given up and always kept looking for what I could do to help my body heal. That meant addressing all the things that were messed up in my body. Endocrine, gut, liver….and while this may be a co-incidence, I could take more ALA after I did the juice fasting. Here are some of the things I did in the past 2 years:

  • 10 day juice fast (reboot with Joe, followed by 9 months on a vegan diet)
  • pysllium and bentonite shakes (absorb toxins in gut from bacteria/parasites/yeast)
  • aloe water (helps heal gut)
  • taurine, milk thistle for the liver (although I found the juice fast worked much better and faster. Wouldn’t advise this though until you have done a lot of successful rounds. Definitely not for children but including greens in their diet could help)
  • Homeopathic drainage remedy for the liver
  • gemmotherapy remedy for gut/food allergies
  • castor oil packs (only did a few, very messy IMO)
  • being gluten-free for 5 years (still am today)
  • avoiding dairy, soy because they do cause symptoms for me. (lately can tolerate some dairy)

I did not do these things though until I had done over a 100 rounds of chelation and found that it no longer really made me feel better or worse when I did them. I still had other health symptoms though like hypoglycemia symptoms, chemical sensitivity, which responded well to the juice fasting because I don’t think my liver was really working well. I have later added in MB12 after testing revealed I should try some. It has helped my energy level a lot.

The main rule I stuck too was if something made me sick I listened to my body and stopped eating it or using it. If a round really knocked me down with fatigue….I took a break until I felt well for the next round. I always used Andy’s protocol for chelation even when I didn’t really want to get up at night. I had way to much mercury from my amalgams to even think about messing with some touted faster means of chelation. And sometimes I would get discouraged and think “I’m never going to get all this mercury out”, but after a short break I would go back to it again.

I’m sure I’m not “mercury free” yet, but I am certainly 100 times better than I thought I’d be if you asked me when I started out.

Notes: I would not attempt liver cleansing or juice fasting before a lot of chelation because it can cause some significant side effects. My earlier attempts at juicing caused headaches and I felt sick and could not do them. What I did was after 90 rounds I began to incorporate freshly extracted juices into my diet, having one serving per day. I did this for months. I still consume freshly extracted juices daily along with a healthy diet.


Dangerous Levels of Mercury in Fish and CFL bulbs

For us avoiding mercury exposures that we can control is important. I felt an important part of recovering was to avoid any mercury sources that we could. One of the things we avoid is fish, especially high mercury fish. While we do use cod liver oil, we purchase brands that are tested by independent labs to be free of mercury and other chemicals.

Our days of eating tuna fish sandwiches, fish sticks or tuna noodle casserole are long gone. So far gone that my son doesn’t ever recall these foods in our home.  I had always felt since each particular fish is not tested for mercury levels we really have no way to know how much is in them. To me eating it would be gambling. I had read about the incidence of people going out for fish fry that get sick and blame it on “bad fish” when really what they got was a dollop of mercury and their body has rebelled.

I recalled the wisdom of my Huggins dentist warning me to avoid fish for one year after amalgam removal because people get very sick if the are exposed to it that soon after amalgam removal. Apparently it causes an immune reaction because once you have amalgams, your sensitized to mercury.

Let’s just say it’s been more than 8 years since I’ve eaten fish of any kind. This video confirms my suspicions that there really is a lot more mercury in fish than we think. For me that means we will continue to avoid eating it. Many of the waterways in the U.S have fish advisories against eating them so even if you catch them yourself, you need to know about the pollution in that body of water.

Aside from fish a more recent mercury risk is in most homes today as the CFL light bulb. I must get one post ever 3-4 months from someone asking what they should do because their child knocked over a lamp and broke one of these mercury bulbs in the house.  I don’t have these inside my home at all. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Even though we are told it saves energy and maybe it does but what it isn’t saving is our planet or our bodies from mercury exposure. You can’t even put these bulbs in the garbage bin because they are hazardous waste!

We really didn’t know how much mercury a CFL would release it if were broken, but now we have answers  These videos demonstrate with testing how much mercury we are talking about if you eat tuna or break a bulb. Since mercury is toxic to everyone, it’s not just a problem for autistic children.

We do like to save energy and we do our part by turning off things that are not in use or unplugging them. By limiting how many electrical appliances we leave plugged in when not in use we are reducing “vampire power” use. We also look for LED bulbs when possible.

How to clean up a broken CFL bulb: EPA CFL Bulb Protocol

Dividing chelators

I am often asked to describe how to divide up chelator capsules into smaller doses. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at doing this without any special equipment, although I would like a capsule machine to hold them. I’ve just never gotten around to buying one because it seems like there is always something else we need. Plus, juggling capsules keeps my fine motor on target…lol

Some people buy empty capsules for this, I have always saved the capsules from other supplements I opened and dumped the powder out to be given in food or drink. For example: I open the adrenal cortex extract capsules and empty the powder into food for my son to take. When I’m done I put the empty capsule into a zip lock bag I keep in the cabinet.

Before you know it you have plenty of capsules for compounding chelators.

This is how I manage dividing doses of chelators:

Hope this helps some of the parents out there just learning how to do this or looking for an easy way to divide chelator capsules into smaller doses.