Viruses? Still?

We went for our follow-up visit with our holistic doc. We first saw her in the fall of 2016 and after some supplementation it was time to repeat some blood work and see where to go next.

I was fairly surprised at the blood results really. Some of his deficiencies are improving which is great. Vitamin D is up to 60, so we can cut the dose back to 5,000 IU per day. Iron still needs some work but it’s a lot better.

Of course his DHEA and pregnenolone are still low since he isn’t taking those, but they have gone up from the previous test. His morning cortisol is also excellent thanks to adrenal cortex glandular.

We have reduced his insulin and glucose but they need to come down further. So we will keep going with the chromium with meals and protein in his diet.

We need to add in sea salt to his water.

The real kicker here was his labs from November showed low neutrophils and high lymphocytes. The doctor thought maybe he was getting over a virus which I thought was odd because he hadn’t been sick. Well his new labs show even lower neutrophils* and higher lymphocytes and he hasn’t been sick. Couple that in with thyroid antibodies and the doctor suspects there is an underlying viral problem causing autoimmunity.

When I saw his new labs I had a flashback because I knew I had seen this before. I went over his old labs and sure enough in 2010 things were normal but in 2011, we saw neutropenia and high lymphocytes. (absolute neuts went from 3.9-1.5 which is why we stopped using DMSA)

After those abnormal 2011 labs I did an antiviral protocol for him. Which is why I’m surprised to see a viral problem.

It seems that might not matter because you can get a virus at any time and if you’re immune system isn’t strong enough to clear it….well, it’s going to stick around for a while. It is also possible he was exposed to a different virus recently. In either case, he’s had this lab profile longer than is normal for a passing cold or virus. It also lines up with the slightly elevated TSH I’ve been seeing the past few years.

So my new marching orders are to add:

I’m also considering Lysine for suspected Epstein Barr since it’s most associated with causing thyroid antibodies.

I am further considering niacinamide which is great for autoimmunity. I may end up  repeating our previous antiviral protocol with olive leaf and Virastop. (now called Enzyme Defense). I’m not sure.

The doctor has recommend Low Dose Naltrexone at 1mg at bedtime for 3 months. Then she wants to re-test him.  LDN makes has a great track record with correcting autoimmunity. (I might be next then…hmm?)

The key here is going to getting more supplements into him.

*low absolute neutrophils is covered in Fight Autism and Win Second Edition. The incidence of neutropenia on blood work is contradictory for the use of DMSA for chelation.


Round 190, re-trying DMSA again

We had done 170 rounds with DMSA/ALA before we discontinued DMSA.  At that point we had to use ALA only because we found low absolute neutrophils (neutropenia) on a routine blood test. Neutropenia is sort of the “don’t use this or take a break” marker for DMSA.

So we continued to chelate with ALA only until this last round, number 190. I decided to try a very low dose of DMSA based on the recommendations that it’s ok even for kids with “low neuts” as long as you keep the dose at 5mg and only for one round a month.

His labs in November were in range but the low-end of the range. Here we are now March, so I figured they were probably better by now. The doctor through he was getting over a virus at the time of the labs based on neutrophils and lymphocyte levels.

Plus we were scheduled to have lab work done next week anyway so that gave us the prefect opportunity to re-check his absolute neutrophil levels and make sure they didn’t drop any lower. If they do, I won’t be using DMSA for a while.

He has been reporting an increase in sensory symptoms on rounds, and this round didn’t disappoint! A bit more oral sensory, brain fog and reporting he felt tired. Other than that, nothing else to say about it. No gains, no set backs. Now we gear up for those labs next week!