Fight Autism and Win

My book “Fight Autism and Win: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work!” details frequent low dose chelation and other accompanying therapies. It’s written so that anyone with no knowledge of mercury, autism or biomedical therapies can learn how to do these therapies at home.  These therapies are what I used for myself, my children and others in my family to address metal toxicity, hypothyroidism, autism, and other conditions. That also means they are not just for autism!

My second edition book includes my story of how these therapies helped my son. Where he started and where he is now. When I decided to write a second edition with my co-author Tressie, we both wanted to convey our own circumstances and give this new edition a more personal feel.

Personally, my son was on the edge of autism (diagnosed Asperger’s) and we’ve clawed our way back from that, but not without the valuable information we included in the book. And that’s something every parent dealing with autism, or a developmental/behavioral condition should have access too.

I truly hope you find the book helpful, comforting on your journey.

Best in Recovery,

Jan Martin

About the book: Fight Autism and Win: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work! will help you learn how to figure out if your child might have heavy metal toxicity. It will teach you how to finally manage yeast. You’ll learn what adrenal and thyroid problems look like and how to test for them. Ever wonder what’s up with all these “autism diets”? We explain the most common ones and define what situations they are useful for. Immune systems and viral issues? We’ve got you covered!

This book details the “what is it” and “what to do about it” using natural interventions we used for our families that really do work!

The second edition is available for sale here:


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