The Book

Like many others out there I decided to write a book about the therapies I did for my family to help us with the health problems we were struggling with. It’s called “Fight Autism and Win b: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work!” and it is my second book about frequent low dose chelation.  We were sure to include other natural interventions that are used in conjunction with chelation  Metal toxicity doesn’t occur in a vacuum, it affects many systems in the body and disrupts a lot of things.  When we got started, there wasn’t a lot of information written in layman’s terms for parents so why not?  Why not create it?  That is exactly what my co-author and I set out to do.  We wanted to make sure it was written so that anyone with no knowledge of mercury or biomedical therapies could pick up this book and have a basic understanding of what they could do about heavy metals.

We wanted you to have the same information we knew that helped our children so you could work on these things at home. These are the natural interventions that my co-author and I used for our whole family. Metal toxicity does not occur in a vacuum  and it can affect autistic kids too.  It’s far more common than most people realize and knowing how to figure out if that is an issue for your children is a starting point.

We also chose to include our own personal stories in this edition as well as updated recommendations. We both wanted to share what this protocols has done for us with all of you. We wanted to give this book a more personal feel from one parent to the next.

I personally felt my son was on the edge of no turning back if I did not change our path by changing his exposures and working on his health.  Toxic metals are not good for anyone’s health and when they reach a level of overload, many symptoms can appear. This book tells you about safe detoxification and how to address the other symptoms that accompany heavy metal overload with natural supplements.

I truly hope you find the book helpful on your journey and I wish everyone the best in finding what will help their child.

Topics covered in Fight Autism and Win: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work!

  • Source of metals, testing for metals, how to remove them safely, supplement use including dosing recommendations, candida/yeast, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, gut dysbiosis, special diets, safe dentistry and avoiding metal exposure, immune function and antivirals. We also cover other topics as they pertain to the frequent dose protocol including how to implement and manage chelation using a frequent low dose protocol. This is more widely known as Andy Cutler Chelation.
  • My book is sold HERE

** Further note: This book was written in 2011 and mentions DMSA which was an over the counter supplement in the U.S back then. This has since been changed effective late 2014 and you will need a doctor to prescribe this medication if your child needs to use it.

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