The Edge of Autism

……..the journey back

Before Biomed

Before biomed my child had a lot developmental delays. By his second birthday we knew something was going on. Some testing revealed that he was heavy metal poisoned and his doctor diagnosed him with “toxic effects of lead-unspecified”. We later learned he was also mercury toxic and then diagnosed with “toxic effects of heavy metals”.  My child was also diagnosed with PDD around age 3. Later on another psychologist diagnosed Asperger’s.. I find it depends on who is doing the diagnosing really.

For my child based on symptoms and regressions following vaccinations a cascade of things were at play that led developmental delays and the ongoing health problems he has today. Screaming all night long after vaccinations is a sign of encephalopathy. We didn’t know this then. We had not been given informed consent about the risks and the contraindications for vaccinations. If we had known those, we would have had red flags from the get go that this child could not tolerate these.

The family history in direct relatives of autoimmunity was a key sign. He has a sibling and a parent who are autoimmune and several other relatives that have this as well as diabetes and arthritis. All immune dysfunction conditions. In addition to being genetically susceptible to immune problems after vaccination immune stimulation, he has mitochondrial disorder and homozygous MTHFR genes which make him unable to detoxify chemicals and metals.

We did see:

  • Regression after 2 months vaccines: screaming all night, not sleeping, required constant rocking to soothe. Before the shots he slept 4-5 hours between feedings, no screaming, no need for motion.
  • After 4 month vaccines: repeat what happened after 2 months vaxs.
  • Regression after 15 month MMR/Varivax: becoming even more withdrawn and progression of symptoms listed below.
  • Regression after 18 month DTaP vax: global developmental delays, loss of eye contact appeared here.


  • Delays in rolling over, sitting up, crawling. dragging himself around using his arms but not using his legs to crawl.
  • fearful, clingy, terrified of everyone and everything
  • refused solid foods
  • trouble nursing
  • lost eye contact after 18 month shots
  • numerous motor delays
  • sensory processing disorder
  • hyperactivity
  • sensitive to noise
  • head banging
  • toilet training regression and inability to toilet train
  • auditory processing delays, difficult understanding language.
  • did not respond to his own name
  • withdrawn
  • self-limited his diet, very picky and only ate 4 foods
  • did not adapt to change, very rigid
  • face Blindness
  • lack of apathy
  • easily over stimulated
  • PICA mouthing toys and no food items beyond infancy
  • social delays, no interest in other kids
  • no pretend play
  • unusual behavior like lining up toys by color, shape or size
  • fine motor delays
  • visual delays, unable to pick out objects when ask to get them
  • can’t follow two-step instruction that were age appropriate
  • could not dress or feed self
  • spinning everything including himself
  • arm flapping
  • toe walking
  • hopping
  • echolalia
  • biting, scratching, screaming…just out of control

His hair test was very toxic for heavy metals. He also had an ATEC score of 118. The Child Assessment Scale result was “PDD” indicating pervasive developmental delay. His medical record reflects PDD as a diagnosis at age 3 along with the toxic metals diagnosis.

Early intervention evaluations at age 3 led to qualification for services.  Later GAPS/GARS testing scored as “having autism”. Our specialist told us they withheld giving an autism diagnosis because my child “could talk”.  Eventually a different practitioner gave us the diagnosis of Asperger’s. All of those labels aside, my child was sick and needed interventions to restore his health.

We were able to reverse many symptoms by addressing the toxic metal load using the Andy Cutler protocol as well as removing toxins from the environment, cleaning up his diet and using supplements to address nutritional deficiencies.

Some of our remaining residual issues are endocrine problems and sensory symptoms which we continue to work on..  You can see the hair test page which demonstrates the level of toxic metals we found and you can see them decline as we progress with treatment.  This page lists all the therapies we have done for the developmental delays. (What we did.)

While the mainstream label given to my child was an autism diagnosis I feel this is just a word to describe the collection of symptoms seen in from other causes. While there are claims there isn’t mercury in infant vaccines anymore, there back was when he got his. Today, there still is in flu and booster vaccines. There was also a heck of a lot of aluminum in my child’s vaccines. His symptoms overlap with those of heavy metal poisoning which explains why in our case, removing metals led to improvements. I never set out to cure my child of anything. I set out to treat the health problems he had and the metal poisoning. Parents do this all the time who have a diabetic child or an asthmatic child. We found a doctor that is familiar with these issues in children to guide us.

Our goal was to restore and improve health and well-being.  It just happens that also got rid of a most of his symptoms of autism. Some would say that he did not have autism then, and maybe he didn’t. I really don’t know.

We used the same therapies on several members of the family who did not have autism but were metal toxic with great results. I feel that today we are exposing infants to far too many toxins and metals when most are already born with a toxic load from mom. Some children like my child genetically just can’t handle this. To each their own I say! I did what worked for my child and was appropriate for his health problems. This might not reflect what your child needs.

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