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My child had a lot of developmental delays and by his second birthday, we knew something was going on so he was tested for toxic metals. He was diagnosed with “toxic effects of heavy metals”. My child was also diagnosed with PDD at age 3. He was later diagnosed with Asperger’s after having had several years of detox.

I believe my child was injured by vaccinations which led to developmental delays and ongoing health problems. I had not been given informed consent about the risks and the contraindications for vaccinations. If we had known the contradictions we would have also known my child would not tolerate them.

The family history with direct relatives with autoimmunity was a key sign in addition to a mitochondrial disorder and being homozygous for MTHFR genes which make him unable to detoxify chemicals and toxic metals. This explains why he was so profoundly affected by something that does not cause problems in much of the population.


  • Delays in rolling over, sitting up, crawling. dragging himself around using his arms but not using his legs to crawl.
  • fearful, clingy, terrified of everyone and everything
  • refused solid foods
  • trouble nursing
  • lost eye contact after 18-month shots
  • numerous motor delays
  • sensory processing disorder
  • hyperactivity
  • sensitive to noise
  • headbanging
  • toilet training regression and inability to toilet train
  • auditory processing delays, difficulty understanding language.
  • did not respond to his own name
  • withdrawn
  • self-limited his diet, very picky, and only ate 4 foods
  • did not adapt to change, very rigid
  • face Blindness
  • lack of apathy
  • easily overstimulated
  • PICA mouthing toys and no food items beyond infancy
  • social delays, no interest in other kids
  • no pretend play
  • unusual behavior like lining up toys by color, shape, or size
  • fine motor delays
  • visual delays, unable to pick out objects when asked to get them
  • can’t follow age-appropriate two-step instruction
  • could not dress or feed self
  • spinning everything including himself
  • arm flapping
  • toe walking
  • hopping
  • echolalia
  • biting, scratching, screaming…just out of control

Initial ATEC score:

  • ATEC before detox was 118.
  • ATEC today is 2.

We were able to reverse most of his symptoms by removing toxic metals using the frequent dose protocol as well as removing toxins from his environment. You can read about what we did on this page.

Some of our remaining residual issues are low adrenal function, low thyroid hormones, and sensory symptoms which we continue to work on but the sensory is 90% improved from where we started. 

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